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Bad Exorcist Season 3: When Will the Third Season of Bad Exorcist Be Released? Is There already a Trailer?

Jeremy Caroll

This animated series, which can be seen on Netflix under the title Bad Exorcist, is the sequel to the show The Exorcist, all three seasons of which were broadcast on Showmax between 2017 and 2019. Therefore, the two seasons of The Exorcist that are currently available on Netflix are actually the fourth and fifth seasons of the show.

The new series can be seen on Netflix under the moniker Bad Exorcist, but it is also known as The Exorcist Boner (check out its page on IMDb, for example) and Bogdan Boner: The Exorcist. Bad Exorcist is only one of its many names. Because Netflix has an ongoing contract with Showmax, the first three seasons of the show have not yet been made available on the streaming service. Both Season 1 and Season 2 of Bad Exorcist are currently available to stream on Netflix.

The series continues to chronicle the exploits of Bogdan Boner, a self-taught exorcist who ghosts demons and other paranormal phenomena. These exploits take place in the same manner as they did in the first three seasons of the original show. The second season of the show, which premiered in October 2021, was the last time we saw the hero who was driven by booze.

The prior season was made available for purchase one year earlier, in December of 2022. Is it safe to assume that the third season of Bad Exorcist will premiere around the same time in 2022 as the previous two? Or has the show been scrapped altogether? You’ll find the solutions farther down.

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Date of Release for the Third Season of Bad Exorcist

According to screenrant, even though it won’t help much for those who want season 3 of The Exorcist, the Exorcist franchise as a whole isn’t dead.

Instead, Blumhouse Productions is working with David Gordon Green, who directed Halloween 2018, to make a trilogy of movies that will follow up on the first Exorcist movie from 1973. Ellen Burstyn, who won an Oscar, will play Chris MacNeil again for the first time. This is a big deal.

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An Explanation of How the Second Season of Bad Exorcist Will End

Because it has been several months since the conclusion of Season 2, viewers could have trouble recalling what transpired at the finale. In the penultimate episode of the second season, titled “Father,” we watch as Bogdan receives a phone call from a hospital informing him that his father has been poisoned.

When Bogdan goes there, he discovers that his father is asleep in the bedroom. The moment the father sees his son, he makes a request for some alcoholic beverages. After stating that he wouldn’t come to the hospital without something to drink, Bogdan offers him some of his own.

The conversation then shifts back in time thirty years, to when Bogdan was a young child. After tying himself to the bed, his father approaches Bogdan and requests a drink from him. Drinking, according to the father, is the one and only way to rid oneself of evil spirits. After he’s had a few drinks, two demons emerge from him, and he slays them after he frees himself from the chains holding him. After some time, a third demon emerges from him; this one is significantly larger than the others, but they are still able to defeat it.

When talking about Bogdan’s stepfather, Bogdan’s mother boasts that her son now has a “better dad.” They take his mother and stepfather with them when they move into their new house. However, during the night his father comes and pulls him out of his chamber.

He begins to tell the story of a demon criminal lord named Belzedup, who was the ruler of Hell at the time, and how he burned down his store because he refused to give Belzedup money. Therefore, Bogdan’s father and his team decide to exact their vengeance by substituting holy water for the milk stored in Belzedup’s tank.

After being scalded by the holy water, he concludes that it is dangerous to remain on Earth and hence goes back to Hell. Before he leaves, though, he assures Bogdan that he will get his revenge on Bogdan’s father, even if it takes him three decades. In the last show, we find ourselves back in the medical facility. According to Bogdan’s father, he believes that his son will pass away 30 years from now while he is receiving treatment for the effects of Belzedup. At the very end, Belzedup is seen standing in front of the hospital, claiming that he was the one who poisoned him. After that, he claims that Bogdan is the next one.

Characters to Avoid in “The Exorcist”

The following is a list of the characters that appear in the series: Bogdan Boner, the series’ protagonist; Domino, a demon who serves as Bogdan’s assistant; Marcinek, an 18-year-old who works for Bogdan; Natan, a priest who serves as an exorcist; Belzedup, the series’ primary antagonist; and various demons (the most common species in Hell).

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