'baby, Why Would You Do This to Me?' Says Devastated Rapper 600 Breezy. Raven Jackson Committed Suicide.


‘baby, Why Would You Do This to Me?’ Says Devastated Rapper 600 Breezy. Raven Jackson Committed Suicide.


600Breezy, whose actual name is Antonio Valentino King and who was born in Chicago, is in sadness following the sudden death of his lover, Raven Jackson. The “Don’t Get Smoked” rapper moved to Instagram and posted a number of photographs and videos with Raven, all the while expressing his confusion at how anything of this nature could occur. Even a text message from Raven was given by him, and all indications point to her having committed herself.

Never Have Another Chance To Love…

Baby why would you do this to me': Devastated rapper 600 Breezy reveals GF Raven Jackson died by suicide | MEAWW

The rapper known as 600Breezy, real name Antonio Valentino King, expressed his sorrow at the passing of his partner, Raven Jackson. The thirty-year-old rapper turned to Instagram and uploaded a number of photos and videos featuring the woman on his account. At the moment, he is suffering from a shattered heart and believes that he will never be able to experience love again.

It would appear that Raven took her own life, despite the fact that 600Breezy has not issued a formal comment on the matter. As it turns out, this is what his caption and a text that Raven sent out before she passed away show. The rapper known for his hit song “24 Bars” posted a picture of the two of them together on Instagram along with the following caption.

“Baby, why would you do this to me? Why would you do this to us? I was going to come back home as I promised you I would. Why would you do this to us? You simply gone leave me forever? Raven, are you aware of the number of individuals that adore you? These statements unequivocally prove that Raven killed herself by stating that she would have never gone if she had known that this would be the conclusion.

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In the next sentence, he referred to Raven as his lady and as his wife. After she revealed that he had done everything he could for her to help her feel alive, he is furious that she has pushed him away in such a manner. In the end, he came to the conclusion, “I will never be able to love again. I’ll see you shortly sweetie. Please, God, be merciful to me.

Raven’s Suicide Message

Along with these terrible photos, 600Breezy published what looks to be a suicide note from Raven. Raven stated in this message that she is weary of fighting with negative ideas but is waiting for the proper time to act.

Raven stated that she had given up on life a long time ago and was hanging from a bridge. Raven accepted full responsibility for her actions in her message, saying she had suicidal ideas before meeting Antonio and that it was something she desired.


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Before taking her own life, she informed Antonio that she had been watching their films and taking photographs so she could carry the joyful memories with her. She termed life “overrated” and claimed she couldn’t get away from the stress, despite the fact that he is the best thing that has happened to her in a long time.

Finally, she stated that he had every right to be upset with her, but that if he had been present, he would not have understood her point of view. She had no choice but to take her life. Antonia accompanied this photo with some heartfelt words but advised his admirers to treat anyone with mental illness seriously. He asked his supporters to consider sadness and mental health.

Raven clearly committed suicide at a young age in order to be welcomed and loved in the way she deserves. Even though Raven is to blame for her dissatisfaction with her life, 600Breezy believes it is his fault and feels bad about it.

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