At 54, Former “Baywatch” Star Donna D’errico is Ready to Dazzle Her Fans

Jeremy Caroll

The star of “Baywatch,” Donna D’Errico, is the newest subscriber to OnlyFans, an online content subscription business situated in London, United Kingdom. So get in line, gentlemen, because Donna is ready to stun OnlyFans despite criticism from “trolls” who said she was “too old” to display her legendary physique.

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Bikini Wearing Is Not “Too Old”

OnlyFans features more than just pornstars! Numerous celebrities have formed subscription-based accounts on the London, United Kingdom-based online content subscription service so that followers can keep up with their content, and the numbers keep growing.

Donna D’Errico, 54, has silenced her detractors by joining OnlyFans this week despite criticism from “trolls” who said she was “too old” to flaunt her well-known physique. The “Baywatch” star revealed the information on Instagram along with a picture of herself on “a vintage pin-up poster.” She penned:


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“My interpretation of an old pin-up poster. It is clear that I don’t take myself or the fact that I am on that site too seriously. Some folks may be upset by this content. No, I don’t. The former “Playboy” model justified her choice to sign up for the subscriber-only, NSFW website by stating it’s merely a social media platform devoid of “restriction, bullying, and haters.”

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“People kill me,” Donna claims.

“All these stars sharing naked and topless pictures of themselves here on IG and Twitter all the time concealing their crucial bits with their hands,” the former “Playboy” model said in her post. Boom, tens of thousands of comments praising your accomplishments and discussing body positivity, confidence, and empowerment. Hot!.”

“But take that same celebrity photo and post it on OF where she can control who sees it, and suddenly she’s gross and hard up,” she continued. People murder me. The 54-year-old Donna continued by explaining what her followers should and shouldn’t anticipate from her new page.

What you’ll see, according to her description, is “bikini and lingerie modelling photos, outtakes from magazine editorials, me doing funny things in bikinis because I have such an incredible sense of humor yet am also so humble, new and vintage bits photos & videos, and whatever else I decide I want to post.”

“What you won’t see: My hoo-ha,” he continued. I’m not interested in seeing your manhood. Before instructing them to get in line, D’Errico reassured followers that she will be personally managing the account. Donna was warned that her announcement would “upset some people” after she received backlash for a post she made earlier this month featuring a scanty swimsuit.

However, Donna is irrepressible, and soon after uploading another bikini photo, she responded to her critics by asserting that she “can genuinely wear and do literally whatever” she pleases. The actress, however, asserts that the same “Karens” have accused her most recent Instagram post, which promoted her new OnlyFans account, of “soliciting prostitution.”

If you’re unaware, OnlyFans was first introduced in 2016 and enables users to monetize their premium, unique content that they would otherwise be unable to post on free social networking platforms. Currently, OnlyFan has 130 million users and over two million content creators.

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