Ashton Kutcher Net Worth: How Much Wealth has the Charismatic Entertainer Has Amased?

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As of the year 2022, Christopher Ashton Kutcher has a career in the United States as an actor, producer, television host, entrepreneur, and former fashion model. His estimated net worth is $220 million.

He became well known for his role as Michael Kelso in the television series “That 70’s Show,” which aired from 1998 to 2006. Ashton Kutcher has been successful in making a living as an actor, but his latest business endeavors in the technology industry have added significantly more to his net worth.

Find out everything you need to know about Ashton Kutcher’s investments, net worth, and other aspects of his life in the following article. Continue to scroll down!

Early Years of My Life and My Career

Cedar Rapids, Iowa is the location where Kutcher was born in 1978. First attending Washington High School and then transferring to Clear Creek–Amana High School, Kutcher received his education. During his time at the high school, he discovered that he had a talent for acting and went on to engage in several school shows.

After that, Kutcher signed up to become a student at the University of Iowa in 1996 with the intention of pursuing a degree in biochemical engineering.


Kutcher signed with the New York modeling agency Next in the year 1998, after having previously competed in an IMTA contest. He was a model in Paris and Milan, and he appeared in advertisements for Calvin Klein.


Kutcher uprooted his life and moved to Los Angeles after finding success in the modeling industry so that he could test his luck in the acting business. His role as Michael Kelso in the television show That ’70s Show on Fox was the one that launched his career. After that, he went on to act in a number of films and television shows.

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Notable Films

During the course of his professional acting career, Kutcher appeared in over 25 films and 12 television episodes. In addition to that, he was the Executive Producer or Co-Producer on around 18 different movies.

Guess Who (2005), A Lot Like Love (2005), What Happens in Vegas (2008), and No Strings Attached are just a few of the romantic comedies in which Kutcher has appeared (2011). In the television sitcom Two and a Half Men, he was known for his portrayal of the character Walden Schmidt (2011–2015). Additionally, he portrayed Steve Jobs in the biographical movie Jobs, which was released in 2013.

Awards and Candidate Consideration

In the course of his professional career, which spanned more than two decades, he was put forward for a total of forty different prestigious awards, including the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, the Golden Raspberry Awards, the Kid’s Choice Awards, the Las Vegas Film Critics Society, the MTV Movie & TV Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, the Teen Choice Awards, the Young Artist Award, and the Screen Actors Guild Award.

For his exceptional performance in films such as A Lot Like Love, What Happens in Vegas, Valentine’s Day, Killers, That ’70s Show, and No Strings Attached, he was honored with a total of eighteen prestigious prizes, including the Hollywood Film Award, Teen Choice Awards, and People’s Choice Awards.


Kutcher is a venture investor in addition to being an accomplished actor, so he is familiar with the intricacies of business as well. He was one of the original founders of the venture capital company A-Grade Investments.

Kutcher obtained extraordinary profits on his investments thanks to his participation in a number of high-tech startup companies. Kutcher has financial stakes in over 60 different startups, including the likes of Skype, Foursquare, Airbnb, Path, and, amongst others.

Kutcher is an investor in a number of early-stage businesses, including Neighborly, Zenreach, ResearchGate, Kopari Beauty, and Lemonade, among others.

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Real Estate

In 2012, Kutcher spent $8.455 million on the purchase of a home in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood. After those two years, Kutcher and his wife Mila made the acquisition of a mansion in Beverly Hills for a total price of $10.2 million.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the pair added another home to their portfolio in 2017 by purchasing it for $10 million in Carpenteria, California, which is located in close proximity to Santa Barbara.

Love for Motor Vehicles

He owns a substantial collection of automobiles, which includes a few of the world’s most powerful supercars. The list of his automobiles may be found down below.

1. Chevrolet Volt

2. Toyota Prius

3. Lexus LS Hybrid

4. Mercedes SLK

5. Impala SS

6. Fisker Karma

7. Tesla Model S

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