An Explanation of How the First Episode of House of the Dragon Ended: The Race to the Iron Throne Begins

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House of the Dragon, the long-awaited prequel to the hit series Game of Thrones, has finally been released. Today marks the launch of the first episode on HBO Max, and we are pleased to report that it meets up to the high standards set by the network. The program contains all of the aspects that were present in its predecessor, including politics, gore, brutality, sex, an engrossing tale, top-notch acting, and, of course, dragons.

However, House of the Dragon is also capable of carving out its own distinct space in the market. In the first episode of the series, which aired 172 years before the events of Game of Thrones, Westeros was first introduced. The fast-paced episode has established the plotline and also exposed one significant plot point, which ultimately resulted in providing a whole fresh viewpoint on the activities taken by the Mad King in Game of Thrones.

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At the conclusion of the episode, King Viserys makes the announcement regarding his Heir

The main plot of the pilot episode is on King Viserys’s attempts to conceive a child so that he might name that child as his successor on the Iron Throne. In the end, the King decides that his fiery daughter Rhaenyra will be his successor. This decision comes after the tragic loss of the King’s wife and their newborn child, as well as the discovery of his brother Daemon’s questionable behavior (Daemon was also a potential candidate to be the heir).

The Lords of Westeros are compelled to prostrate themselves before Rhaenyra and swear devotion to her. Because of patriarchy, some of them are doubtful of a woman sitting on the Iron Throne. Patriarchy is the reason why Viserys was allowed to sit on the throne in the first place, despite the fact that Rhaenys, Viserys’ sister, had a stronger claim to the throne.

The plot of “A Song of Ice and Fire” is finally revealed in its entirety

The disclosure that Viserys makes to his daughter Rhaenyra about A Song of Ice and Fire, which is the precise name of the novel series written by George R.R. Martin, is the most exciting part of this episode. The King recounted that Aegon the Conqueror conquered Westeros not only for power but also because he had a dream in which he glimpsed a prophecy about what would happen in the future.

The prophecy revealed to him the impending doom, a protracted winter that would kill all living things, and the fact that the only person who could save the world was a Targaryen seated on the Iron Throne. Aegon gave the prophecy the name “A Song of Ice and Fire,” and it has been handed down from one monarch to the next in the line of succession ever since. The dream was, in fact, about the White Walkers, who played an important role in the plot of Game of Thrones.

It is now possible to draw the conclusion that when the Mad King, Aerys, yelled “Burn them all!” at the collapse of King’s Landing at the hands of Robert Baratheon’s armies, he was also predicting the arrival of the White Walkers. This argument also explains why he was so fixated on wildfire, a weapon that could have been utilized against the people who were actually the threat.

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Daemon takes off on his Dragon and flies away

Even though Daemon had been commanded by the King to leave King’s Landing and return to his bride, Rhea Royce, the prince did not appear to be in the mood to comply with the King’s command. Instead, he took his lady love Mysaria with him as he escaped on the back of his dragon Caraxes.

In the meantime, one of the most significant turning points in the plot occurs when Otto Hightower, the hand of the King, sends his daughter Alicent to the King to ‘comfort’ him following the death of his wife and newborn child.

It became abundantly evident by the time the episode came to a close that many of the Lords and Ladies had their sights set on the Iron Throne, and that a new “game of thrones” is about to get underway. Already, we can’t wait to find out what the following episode has in store for us. Are you as well?

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