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All About the “Down Home Fab” Show: Here is the filming location of this show


Certain programmes have so much excitement that it is always a pleasure to watch them. This description fits the television programme titled “Down Home Fab.” The show is, to say the least, considerably more captivating than its name suggests.

This programme might alleviate your boredom and provide some inspiration to your life. The basis of the show is the redesign and refurbishment of clients’ houses. In this programme, a husband-and-wife team work as advisors and accept remodelling jobs from their clients.

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About the “Down Home Fab” Show

The show’s key theme is innovation and home decoration and design. Numerous individuals lack an artistic sensibility when it comes to planning and arranging their houses. This makes the design process extremely precarious and challenging.

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Here is when the design team comes into play. Oh, by the way, the label ‘designing duo’ is extremely appropriate for this pair because of the job they perform and the influence they have on the lives of others.

This seemingly mundane process of interior design becomes the focal point of the show ‘Down Home Fab’ Here, the home is the most important factor, and its design assumes great importance.

The show depicts the journey of the creative couple as they attempt to balance their personal life and four young children with their work obligations.

Experiencing the lives of these individuals from their own points of view is fascinating to see. Chelsea and Cole DeBoer, who host the show and provide their comments and share their insights during the duration of each episode, are the star pair or designing duo of this programme. A pair is a formidable unit that handles both their personal and professional lives.

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It is a fascinating show for everyone who enjoys watching television programmes with a true twist. Despite appearances, maintaining a business, managing a family, and doing all duties is not simple task. This truth is shown in the play; it inspires amazement and provides motivation for those of us seeking a fresh start.

Here is the filming location of the show:

As far as the show itself is concerned, it is not scripted. It depicts the couple’s actual residence, place of business, and the city in which they conduct business. Hence, no set has been generated specifically for this programme.

All of the settings in the show are actual sites. Therefore, let’s move on to the most impressive question: where is Down Home Fab filmed?

And the answer to this question is just as simple as the question. South Dakota is the filming site for Down Home Fab. The sitcom is filmed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States, which is the hometown of Chelsea and Cole.

The couple owns a farmhouse in Sioux Falls, and this is where both of them own their business too. They live with their four children and several other farm animals on their lush green farm.

Also, Chelsea and Cole accept orders from other regions and visit neighbouring towns and villages on occasion. Their house has been adorned and designed to the finest standards, which also contributes to the success of their business. This is because they act on their beliefs. This is the force of genuine and arduous effort.

Their house in Sioux Falls has ample area surrounding them, allowing them to complete their job there. The farm’s expansiveness provides ample room for the family. Without a doubt, the pair performs all of the housework alone.

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From operating their business to raising their children, it appears that the couple genuinely enjoys Sioux Falls and South Dakota. The programme has been an enormous success in the United States and can be viewed on HGTV.

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