Sarah Jessica Parker Confirmed: Aidan Shaw Will Return for "And Just Like That Season 2"


Sarah Jessica Parker Confirmed: Aidan Shaw Will Return for “And Just Like That Season 2”


Sarah Jessica Parker has confirmed John Corbett’s comeback in the Sex and the City prequel. ET interviewed Parker at the premiere of Hocus Pocus 2, where she teased her SATC fans about the second season of the prequel, And Just Like That. Parker reacted openly when asked if Corbett, who portrays Carrie’s ex-boyfriend Aidan Shaw in the HBO Max adaptation, would reprise his role. “Perhaps, perhaps,” she said. “I can no longer keep it a secret,” she said.

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According to Deadline, John Corbett will reprise his role as Aidan Shaw on “And Just Like That” on HBO Max. He is scheduled to reconcile with old love Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker). 2010 marked the last time Carrie and Aidan appeared together in Sex and the City 2. Corbett will also reprise his role as the charming furniture craftsman in a key multi-episode narrative during the second season of the Sex and the City sequel.

John Corbett is likely to return for the SATC prequel, although it is unclear if he will portray Carrie’s boyfriend, best friend, or ex.

John hinted at a probable return before the 2021 launch of the program by telling Page Six, “I’m doing the show.” I expect to appear in a few episodes. In the original series, the actor portrayed Aidan, a figure many fans felt Carrie Bradshaw should have wed; nonetheless, she married Mr. Big (played by Christopher David Noth) since he was her major interest.

Following Mr. Big’s death, Carrie’s madness leads her to explore life as a widow, propelling the plot forward. From Miranda’s failed marriage to Big’s passing, the series took fans on a rollercoaster trip. Carrie placed Big to rest by dispersing his ashes in Paris before to having a cocktail with Samantha. Samantha (Kim Cattrall) has not yet made her appearance on the program, and it is impossible to anticipate if she will, given that she rejected becoming a part of the series in the future while she was in conflict with Sarah.

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Will the second season portray Carrie differently now that Mr. Big has been eliminated?

In February, executive producer Michael Patrick King revealed to Deadline why Aidan did not appear in the season, which focused on Carrie’s husband Big’s death at the conclusion of the first episode. Patrick stated, “It just felt like a lot to Carrie.” This season was really draining emotionally. We wanted her to move on from Big’s death and into the light, so we titled the last episode “Seeing the Light.” We needed to remove her from the area. Aidan’s reappearance is a crucial story aspect that was unintentionally scripted by everyone at home.

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Sarah Jessica Parker is well recognized for her portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City.

When questioned about Carrie Bradshaw remembering her deceased husband, Big, King stated, “We wanted to center the episode on Carrie and her journey to let go of her attachment to Mr. Big. The dream still remains since it is a part of their past. However, there was no need to display more than we did, since doing so would have distracted us from the work we were doing on the real event and from the outside discussion over Mr. Big’s presence or absence.

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Carrie is seen kissing podcast producer Franklyn (Ivan Hernandez) in the last seconds of Season 1’s conclusion, signaling that she is ready to begin dating again after a period of grieving.

Now that Sarah, aka Carrie Bradshaw, looks to be moving ahead and putting the past behind them, her followers are eager to see what happens in the next chapter of her life. The issue is whether Aidan will be the person Carrie meets in the second season, or if dating will be far more difficult for her now that Mr. Big is no longer around.

Fans of SATC cannot help but speculate whether any of the cast’s famous ex-lovers will feature in the relaunch, given Aidan’s reappearance. Stream the first season of “And Just Like That” via the HBO Max app.

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