After a Three-year Engagement, Sarah Hyland Finally Tied the Knot With Her Fiance Wells Adams

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Congratulations are in due for Sarah Hyland, who, after three years of dating her fiancé Wells Adams, recently tied the knot with him in a ceremony that was covered by the hit television show Modern Family. The wedding took place on a more personal scale on the 20th of August, and the couple exchanged their vows.

Sarah, who is now 31, began dating Wells, who is famous from the show Bachelor in Paradise, in 2017. The couple had intended to get married in 2020, but the epidemic caused them to push back their wedding plans. Continue reading to learn more about the happy couple and the special day they have planned.

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At Sunstone Winery, the happy couple exchanged their vows

On Saturday, Sarah and Wells exchanged their wedding vows at Sunstone Winery, which is located close to Santa Barbara, California. At the ceremony, the couple’s immediate family as well as some of their closest friends were there. Modern Family stars Nolan Gould, Sofia Vergara, together with her son, Manolo Vergara, Julie Bowen, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, along with his partner Justin Mikita, were also in attendance.

On her Instagram account, Sofia posted a series of images from the ceremony and captioned them with the hashtag “#sarahandwells wedding.” She also kept posting updates from the wedding on her accounts, which also provided a look of the three-story wedding cake that had been prepared.

The couple became engaged in July 2019 and had originally intended to tie the ceremony in August 2020, but owing to the epidemic, the plans had to be postponed many times before they were finally scrapped altogether. In August of the next year (2021), Adams disclosed that they were planning to get married the following year (2022).

He stated, “Obviously, we were scheduled to get married last year, but that didn’t happen. This was going to be the year that we got married, but it didn’t end up happening. Therefore, at this point, we are keeping our fingers crossed for the following year, or we might go to Las Vegas, or the courthouse; I’m not sure. Well, we’re not going to do the latter two things, but I’m not sure. The year 2022 has had to be the one for us, right?

In 2017, Hyland and Adams began their relationship

When the two began publicly flirting with one another on various social media platforms in 2016, they made news for the first time. On the other hand, they did not start dating until the latter half of 2017. Even before they started dating, Hyland admitted that she had a crush on Adams, 38, while he was competing on the 12th season of The Bachelorette. Adams was at the time a participant on the show.

On Halloween 2017, the two individuals publicized their relationship by cosplaying as a married couple from the Netflix series Stranger Things. They quickly became close friends and began to spend time together at each other’s houses. They also began posting pictures of their adventures together on social media.

Sarah had also discussed whether or not she want to adopt her new husband’s surname when the couple was married. During an interview, she explained, “My mom didn’t take my father’s last name, so that’s never been a concern for me.” When we are on vacation and doing something like that, I do enjoy being referred to as “Mrs. Adams,” and if the reservation is made in his name, I think to myself, “Oh my god, I’m so cute.” But I’m not really sure. Haven’t decided on it.”

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The Actress Revealed Her Post-Wedding Plans, as Revealed by the Actor

During an interview that took place a month ago, Sarah discussed her wedding day and gave her thoughts on what she anticipated her life to be like when she got married. She stated that “We are not idealists. Together, we have purchased a home. We have our dogs together, and for the past almost five years, we have been celebrating this adventure of life together while providing support to one another. As a result, I don’t believe that there will be many significant changes.”

She also stated that she was too busy preparing for the wedding, and she added, “I’m extremely pleased to be able to be able to — on paper, officially — start our family.” She was speaking of the wedding.

Congratulations to Sarah and Wells as they begin their adventure through life together as a married couple. Continue to check back for further news and information.

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