Daughter of Peter Andre


15-year-old Daughter of Peter Andre, Whom He Calls “Princess,” Is ‘Growing Up Too Quickly,’ He Says!

Jeremy Caroll

Peter Andre has spoken out on worries his daughter Princess, 15, is “growing up too quickly”.

While attending the Butterfly Ball for the Cauldwell Children’s Charity, the 49-year-old father of four spoke candidly about his struggles as a parent to teenagers.

Princess, his 17-year-old son Junior, and his wife, Emily MacDonagh, accompanied him to the London charity event.

Red-Carpet Interview Peter, who had declared this would be the “first and only time” Princess would be dolled up for an event, said he had no problem with his daughter attending the Pride of Britain Awards.

This is what he shared with The Sun: “It’s challenging because of how tough a parent you are, but you learn to relax your grip with time.

You must be careful not to give too much too soon.

Pete, a father of three teenagers, conceded, though, that he was getting “less strict” as time passed.

Pete, of the band Mysterious Girl, is a husband and father of two children, Theo, 5, and Amelia, 7. His wife, Emily, is 32.

Daughter of Peter Andre

Princess, whose brother allegedly stormed off the set of a music video, retaliated against the fans who had encouraged her to tone down the number of cosmetics she wore.

Princess uploaded a picture of herself to Instagram with the words “Aunt Sophie Price’s wedding” and a red love emoji.

Many people were pleased with the success of Katie and Peter’s daughter, while others were disturbed by the drastic changes that Princess underwent.

To which a commenter responded, “You don’t need the cosmetics Princess you are lovely without it!”

Another member of the group chimed in: “Princess, please remove all that makeup. It’s unnecessary since you look good without it. Causes you to appear older than you actually are.”

Another voice said, “You don’t need all that makeup love, you’re already gorgeous the way you are.”

In a retaliatory note, Princess wrote: “Everyone’s opinions on cosmetics What happened was a wedding. Nonetheless, I value the amiability of the locals “.

While paying respect to Princess on her birthday last month, Peter delivered a stern warning.

Peter shared a video on Instagram in which he compiled images of his daughter taken at various ages.

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Along with the collection, he included the following text in the post: “My sweet, sensitive, moody, and caring daughter turns 15 today. Our house is much more vibrant because of you. All of us here adore you.”

When he was done, he said, “You’re lovely on the inside and out; never forget that.” Finally, he wrote this: “It’s your birthday, but you can’t go to Love Island. Sending my love to dad.”

Peter later said that he does not watch Love Island at home. As he emphasized, “I have no idea what Love Island means. Those are two terms that I would never use together!

“Since she’s just 15, you can’t really hold anything against me. When a daughter turns eighteen, I may no longer have any control in her life.”

Peter Andre May Oppose Princess Being on Love Island

The musician and TV actor attended the Caudwell Children’s Butterfly Ball on Thursday with Princess, 15, son Junior, 17, and wife Emily MacDonagh, 32. He quipped that he’ll soon be known as ‘Princess’ dad’ owing to her future career as a celebrity in her own right.

Pete, 49, and Princess, who donned a bright red dress, attracted attention at the swanky celebration.

Junior, a young vocalist, wore a black trouser suit and scarlet tie.

Peter is definitely on board with his children following in his fame footsteps by bringing them to the glossy entertainment event.

Junior’s debut single Slide has climbed the iTunes singles list, and he’s expressed his support.

And he’s encouraging his daughter Princess to pursue Hollywood, albeit he’s not thrilled about her Love Island desire.

At the Butterfly Ball, he remarked, ‘I guess I’ll be recognized as ‘Princess’s dad.

When asked about his recent Instagram post telling Princess she couldn’t be on Want Island, he replied: ‘I always say I’d love her to host the show.’

Great program, but I wouldn’t want my daughter on it.

Peter shares Junior and Princess with ex-wife Katie Price and Amelia, 8, and Theo, 6, with second wife Emily.

I warn her, “You know it’ll be closed in a few years; you won’t be able to ride it then.”

The musician, who hosted the charity event, was all smiles as he posed for photos with his family.

The tuxedo-clad celebrity posed for a photo with Emily, who donned a wine-red spaghetti strap gown, and a group selfie with the gang.

Peter, Emily, and Junior were requested to step aside so photographers could obtain solo shots of Princess, which they did, giving her her first red carpet moment alone.

Princess took to the flashing camera lights like a fish to water.

Princess published photos from the ceremony on social media, drawing similarities to her mother.

One wrote, ‘Wow, Princess spit of Kate.’

She looks like Katie before she became Jordan, said another.

John Caudwell’s yearly event strives to help disadvantaged and autistic youngsters.

Nicole Scherzinger, who disappointed down fans by shunning the red carpet, and Paddy McGuinness’s wife Christine also attended.

Christine, who wore a gold low-cut dress for her solo appearance, has denied rumors of a breakdown in her and Paddy’s 11-year marriage.

Daughter of Peter Andre

The 34-year-old mum-of-three fueled rumors by sharing a remark on Instagram this week.

She said, ‘This year I met the most shattered, but strongest, myself.’

The former RHOC star continued, ‘Regarding the press… Just one thing: I didn’t cause this.”

Christine had earlier said, ‘We’re extremely terrific.’

When I look back at our marriage and where we are today, I think, “Wow, we’ve done alright!”

Michelle Heaton, who starred with her husband Hugh Hanley, said Metro.co.uk she was ‘pulling through due to all the love from fans and her family’

The former Liberty X singer has been clean for a year.

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