What is Magnus Carlsen's Net Worth and Salary?

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Magnus Carlsen’s Net Worth: How Much He Earns From Endorsement?


Magnus Carlsen was born in Tnsberg, Norway on November 30, 1990, to chemical engineer Sigrun and IT consultant Henrik. He grew up in Espoo, Finland, and Brussels, Belgium, before returning to Norway in the late 1990s. Carlsen showed an early aptitude for intellectual tasks; at two years old, he was able to solve a 50-piece jigsaw puzzle, and at four, he was constructing Lego sets for children three times his age. Carlsen learned to play chess at the age of five thanks to his father. He played in his debut tournament in the Norwegian Chess Championship when he was eight years old.

Carlsen attended the Norwegian College of Elite Sport, where he was tutored by Grandmaster Simen Agdestein, the country’s best player. Carlsen competed in approximately 300 rated tournament games between 2000 and 2002, as well as various blitz tournaments and lesser events. He finished sixth in the European Under-12 Championship at the end of the year and then tied for first in the World Under-12 Championship.

Magnus Carlsen’s Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth: $50 Million
Date of Birth: 1990-11-30
Gender: Male
Profession: Professional Chess Player, Model
Nationality: Norway

Magnus Carlsen is a $50 million net worth Norwegian chess player. Magnus Carlsen is a five-time World Chess Champion from Norway who also holds the record for the longest unbroken streak at the highest level of classical chess. Furthermore, he has a peak rating of 2882, which is the greatest in history. Carlsen’s game is distinguished by positional mastery and exceptional endgame prowess.

Karsten Müller analyses a Magnus Carlsen masterpiece | ChessBase

Magnus makes an estimated $2 million each year alone from sponsorships. A big chunk of his net worth is related to the app “Play Magnus,” which combined with chess24.com in March 2019 to establish one of the world’s largest online chess enterprises, presently valued at more than $100 million.

Rise in the World Chess Rankings from 2004 to 2012

Carlsen made news at the age of 13 when he won his group in the 2004 Corus chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands. He received his first GM norm as a result of his victory. Carlsen quickly gained his second GM norm at the Moscow Aeroflot Open, followed by his third and final one at the Dubai Open.

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Later that year, he tied for first place in the Norwegian Chess Championship with Berge Stansted, but Stansted won owing to stronger tiebreaks. Simen Agdestein was in a similar predicament in 2005. The following year, Carlsen won his first Norwegian championship. After winning the London Chess Classic in 2009, he rose to the top of the FIDE rating list.

Carlsen won the Corus chess tournament and the London Chess Classic again in early 2010. He won the Bazna Kings tournament, the Biel Grandmaster tournament, and the Tal Memorial the following year. Despite being unable to defend his London Chess Classic title, he earned rating points, setting a new personal best of 2835. Carlsen won the Grand Slam Chess Final in 2012 and returned to first place in the London Chess Classic; as a result, his rating jumped to 2861, breaking Garry Kasparov’s previous record of 2851.

Other Business and Endorsement

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen gives up crown | Financial Times

Carlsen has various commercial connections with well-known businesses as a result of his status as a chess player. Among his significant sponsorships, he posed in 2010 and 2014 for the Dutch designer apparel label G-Star RAW. Carlsen has also worked as an ambassador for Nordic Semiconductor and Unibet.

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World Champion

Carlsen began his historic World Chess Championship run in 2013 when he defeated Viswanathan Anand to win the title. The following year, he won the FIDE World Rapid Championship and the World Blitz Championship before successfully defending his World Championship title against Anand once more. Carlsen won the Tata Steel Chess Tournament, the Grenke Chess Classic, and Shamkir Chess in 2015, and defended his title in the FIDE World Rapid Championships for the first time. He did, however, lose his World Blitz Championship against Alexander Grischuk.

International Chess Federation on Twitter: "Have you noticed that Magnus Carlsen plays his White games in a light suit and Black games in a dark one? #CarlsenNepo https://t.co/SeVtNPq6Ae" / Twitter

Carlsen won the Tata Steel Chess Tournament for the second time in 2016, as well as his first triumph in Norway Chess. Another victory was obtained at the Bilbao Masters Final. Carlsen later retained his World Chess Championship title by defeating Sergey Karjakin on tiebreaks at the World Chess Championship in New York City.

In 2018, he successfully defended his championship for the fourth time, defeating Fabiano Caruana in fast tiebreak games. Carlsen won the Tata Steel Chess Tournament for the eighth time in 2019; he also won the Grenke Chess Classic, Côte d’Ivoire Rapid & Blitz, Lindores Abbey Chess Stars Tournament, and Norway Chess. Carlsen had even more remarkable success in 2021 when he defeated Ian Nepomniachtchi to win his fifth World Chess Championship and maintain his crown.

The game was notable for being the longest in tournament history, with the first five matches all ending in draws. Furthermore, it was the first decisive outcome in a World Chess Championship game in more than five years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magnus Carlsen’s net worth?

The net worth of Magnus Carlsen is believed to be $50 million.

Magnus Carlsen’s age?

Magnus Carlsen, who was born on November 30, 1990, is now 31 years old.

Magnus Carlsen’s height?

Magnus Carlsen stands 1.78 meters (5 feet 10 inches) tall.

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