Tom Sizemore's Net worth, Salary, Tv Career, Film Career and Legal Issue

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Tom Sizemore’s Net worth, Salary, Tv Career, Film Career and Legal Issue


Ahead, we discuss Tom Sizemore’s net worth, early life, film career, and legal troubles.

Early Life

Born Thomas Edward “Tom” Sizemore, Jr. in Detroit, Michigan on November 29, 1961. On his mother’s side, he has claimed to have French and Native American heritage.

Judith (née Schannault), the mother of Sizemore, was an engaged public worker (ombudsman). His father, Thomas Edward Sizemore Sr., was both a lawyer and a philosophy professor. Tom Sizemore was brought up in a Roman Catholic household.

Tom Sizemore’s Net worth and Salary

Tom Sizemore's Net worth, Salary, Tv Career, Film Career and Legal Issue

According to Celebrity Net Worth, American actor and producer Tom Sizemore have a net worth of $500,000 dollars. In films such as “Saving Private Ryan,” “True Romance,” “Natural Born Killers,” and “Heat,” among others, Sizemore is most renowned for delivering remarkable performances in a variety of unhinged-personality and tough-guy characters.

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Tom Sizemore has amassed a fortune as a result of his various appearances in television and cinema, as well as his voice work in videos and his work as the producer of “The Genius Club.”

Tv Career

Sizemore has been able to retain his presence in movies and notably on television, achieving a career comeback as a series regular in USA Network’s action program “Shooter” (2016) opposite Ryan Phillippe, despite his extensive legal difficulties over the years. Sizemore also starred as insurance salesman Anthony Sinclair in the renowned “Twin Peaks” revival miniseries by David Lynch.

Film Career

In 1989, Sizemore appeared in Oliver Stone’s “Born on the Fourth of July,” as well as “Lock Up,” “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man,” and the legendary picture “Point Break.”

Tom Sizemore's Net worth, Salary, Tv Career, Film Career and Legal Issue

The performances in “True Romance,” “Natural Born Killers,” and “Strange Days” that exemplify his work from the early to mid-1990s include those of Tom Sizemore. In the indie drama “Love Is Like That,” Sizemore co-starred with actress/model Pamela Gidley.

Bat Masterson was a noteworthy supporting role for Sizemore in Kevin Costner’s “Wyatt Earp.” In 1993, Sizemore was nominated for the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Heart and Souls.”

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A decade following his initial film and television appearances in the late 1980s, Sizemore continued to grow to notoriety by portraying both intimidating law enforcement authorities and dirty, shady characters.

After this era, his career flourished with notable performances as John Gotti in the 1998 NBC miniseries “Witness to the Mob” and as a devoted soldier in Steven Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan,” which is widely regarded as one of the finest World War II films ever made.

Throughout the 2000s, Sizemore appeared in films such as “Dreamcatcher” (2003) and “Paparazzi” (2004), as well as television programs such as “Dr. Vegas.”

In “Pearl Harbor” (2001), opposite Ben Affleck, and “Black Hawk Down” (2003, directed by Ridley Scott), he continued to play characters reminiscent of his early cinematic career (2001).

Sizemore would also have a distinguished career as a voice actor, with Sonny Forelli from “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” being possibly his most notable part. In the 2001 action picture “Ticker,” which was directed by Albert Pyun and in which he played with Steven Seagal and Dennis Hopper, Sizemore was also featured.

When he joined the cast of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” on VH1 in 2010, Sizemore’s most notable television performance was his extracurricular activities.

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During this period, Sizemore’s life deteriorated rather than flourished. However, his film and television career would continue with projects such as the 2011 film “Exit Strategy” and the CBS crime drama series “Hawaii Five-O.”

Legal Issues

True, playing strong people on TV gave him recognition, but playing the same role in real life has only brought him legal issues. In 1995, his co-star in the film Heat, Robert De Niro, staged an intervention that sent the actor to drug treatment and sent him on a period of recovery.

Tom Sizemore's Net worth, Salary, Tv Career, Film Career and Legal Issue

Sizemore’s career has been repeatedly interrupted by a string of court issues involving domestic violence and illicit drug use. On top of everything else, he endured the humiliation of an s** tape being released on the Internet, while lamenting that he received no compensation for his job.

Sadly for Sizemore, his 2003 conviction for domestic abuse against Heidi Fleiss, the former “Hollywood Madam,” is likely to be recalled by many mainstream popular culture lovers.

Sizemore was given a sentence of seven months in prison and four months of drug treatment. Ironically, Fleiss appeared on television with Sizemore on the third season of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” after her restraining order against him had expired.

In the episode, Sizemore and Fleiss looked to have a cordial relationship; nonetheless, Fleiss and Sizemore would have a notable verbal altercation during the show’s graduation ceremony.

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