Steve Jones Net Worth: Let's Explore This Person's Luxurious Life!

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Steve Jones Net Worth: Let’s Explore This Person’s Luxurious Life!


Steve Jones’s Net Worth: Steve Jones is an English rock guitarist, singer, and actor with a $12.5 million net worth. Steve Jones was born in Hammersmith, London, England, U.K., on September 3, 1955. He is best known as the guitarist for the Sex Pistols, a punk rock band he helped to start.

In the early 1970s, Jones started to learn how to play guitar and started a band called The Strand with drummer Paul Cook, who would later join the Sex Pistols. At the same time, he went to a popular London clothing store called Sex, which was owned by fashion designer Malcolm McLaren and his partner, Vivienne Westwood.

Steve Jones says he's "fucking tired" of Sex Pistols' music

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McLaren was interested in the growing punk scene because he liked to push cultural boundaries and had just had a rough time as the pushy manager of the New York Dolls, an early glam-rock band. In the early 1970s, when the Dolls broke up, McLaren went back to London to start a new band to manage. Jones, Cook, bassist Glen Matlock, and singer John Lydon, who formed the Sex Pistols in 1975, gave him what he was looking for.

In the three years that followed, the Sex Pistols became the most famous English punk band. Steve Jones used to do small crimes when he was younger, and he, unfortunately, went back to them when he was an adult working in the music business. As the Pistols rose to fame, the story goes, Jones stole from a number of rock stars and legends.

Flash Metal Suicide: Steve Jones | Louder

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People have also said that he took microphones from David Bowie, guitars from Rod Stewart, and even a fur coat from Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones. After the Pistols’ album came out, Matlock was replaced by Lydon’s old friend Sid Vicious, and the band went to America for a string of shows.

But the tour and the group quickly fell apart. In 1978, they played their last show at San Francisco’s Winterland. The Pistols were pretty much done, but Cook and Jones kept going with a few more singles that were used in McLaren’s movie about the band, The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle (1980). After the Sex Pistols broke up, Steve Jones became a studio musician, played in a few other bands, and hosted a radio show in Los Angeles called Jonesy’s Jukebox.


How old are Steve Jones’s pistols?

67 years( September 3, 1955)

Is Steve Jones married?

Phylicia Jackson

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