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Shanna Moakler Net Worth 2022: How Wealthy She Is?

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Shanna Moakler is a model, actress, and reality television star. Shanna Moakler has increased her wealth by modeling for Playboy, Cosmopolitan, and Brentwood publications and by appearing in television shows and films. Shanna is well-known as the 1995 winner of the Miss New York USA pageant and the 1995 runner-up at Miss USA. Throughout her career, the former pageant queen has also modeled for various companies.

Shanna’s Early Life

Shanna Lynn Moakler was born in Providence, Rhode Island on 28 March 1975 to parents John and Gail. Her father was a dentist, but it is unknown what her mother did for a living. Shanna, meantime, has two elder brothers named Kirk and John IV. Additionally, she had an elder sister named Michelle who passed away in 2012.

As a child, Moakler competed in roller skating for twelve years and believed herself to be a “tomboy.” She then attended and graduated from Barrington High School, where she was voted best-dressed. After completing her education, Moakler relocated to Miami, Florida to seek a career in modeling. She claims that she was 4-foot-11 until she reached puberty at age 17.


Moakler represented Rhode Island in the 1992 Miss Teen USA pageant at the age of 17. She reached the semifinals and ultimately placed eighth. The following year, she was crowned Miss Teen All American. Shanna has crowned Miss New York USA in 1995 and represented the state in the Miss USA competition. She ultimately ended as the runner-up. Nonetheless, Moakler was named champion after Chelsie Smith was elected Miss Universe.

Shanna Moakler Net Worth 2022

Moakler began her modeling career at the age of 15 years old. After appearing in publications such as Cosmopolitan and Brentwood, she landed a contract with Playboy and was named December 2001’s Playmate of the Month.

Moakler’s additional modeling credentials include national and international campaigns for renowned brands such as TJ Maxx, Stoli Vodka, and Calvin Klein, among others. She also appeared in fashion magazines such as Seventeen, Maxim, and others. Moakler has been an actress since she was approximately 20 years old. She quickly secured a recurring role on the USA Network’s Pacific Blue. She also acted in films such as The Wedding Singer and Big Mama’s House 2.

Then, she joined the realm of reality television by starring on the MTV popular show Meet the Barkers. In addition, she appeared on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Big Brother’s third season. She subsequently began anchoring events on E! and VH1.

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Shanna Moakler’s Net Worth

Shanna Moakler has built a net worth of $15 million through her modeling and acting career, which dates back to the mid-1990s. In addition, she has earned brand endorsements over the years, as well as an undisclosed sum of money from Oscar De La Hoya.

Personal Life

Moakler had a short romance with rock musician Billy Idol in 1997. She began dating boxer Oscar De La Hoya shortly thereafter, and they announced their engagement the following year. Together, they had one daughter named Atiana Cecilia.

In 2000, the relationship dissolved, and Moakler sued her ex-husband for $62.5 million in alimony. The matter was settled for an undisclosed amount of money outside of court.

Shanna Moakler Net Worth 2022

She married renowned percussionist Travis Barker in 2004. Together, the couple had two children, a son named Landon Asher and a girl named Alabama Luella. After five years, the divorce was finalized.

Shanda is currently dating actor and model Matthew Rondeau. Over the past few of years, their relationship has been on and off, but it looks like they are now committed to one another.

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The majority of her income comes through brand promotions, advertisements, fashion shows, television series, and her Instagram-sponsored posts. Moakler is also an entrepreneur, she is the executive producer and director from which she is making a large fortune. Shanna Moakler’s annual income is more than $1.5 million.
In addition to the now-18-year-old, the former couple, who divorced in 2008, reared daughter Alabama Barker, 16, and Shanna’s daughter from a previous relationship, Atiana de la Hoya, 23.

The actress told Us at the time, “As long as she’s kind to my kids and they’re both happy, I’m delighted for them.” “I am ecstatically pleased for them. I believe that they have been friends for a very long time. My children appear to like her, and they all appear to be in a good place. I am also in a good place, so everything is good!”

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