Phoozy Net Worth, Success Story and Investors Details

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Phoozy Net Worth, Success Story and Investors Details


Both Kevin Conway and Josh Inglis, founders of Phoozy: Thermal Phone Case, are from distinct professions. Kevin is a professional auto racer, while Josh is a specialist in digital marketing.

Phoozy is a phone cover startup that was founded in 2017 by Don and his business partner. Phoozy’s estimated net worth in 2021 is $1,3 million. This is a novel startup concept, and there are a large number of satisfied customers that are purchasing this product.

The Phoozy phone case is unlike other phone cases, and its use does not result in any issues. When devices such as a phone or laptop fall from their hands, there is a high likelihood of damage.

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This case is Climte-Proof, Sink-Proof, Batter-Preserving, Drop-Proof, and Anti-Microbial, therefore using it will alleviate all of these issues.

Phoozy Success Story

The successful Phoozy firm was founded by Kevin Conway and Josh Inglis in 2017, however, its founding has a far longer history. Kevin, the company’s founder, is an avid explorer who spends his vacations wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc.

Atlanta's Phoozy, a super protective gadget case, lands on 'Shark Tank'

While Kevin was on vacation, he saw that his smartphone had shut down owing to overexposure to the sun, and it had grown extremely warm. Due to this unusual event, he had the idea to create a case that reduces the risk connected with this phone.

Kevin went to see his old friend Josh to discuss turning his concept into a business venture. Together, they consumed the newcomer. In addition to receiving funding from Shark Tank, they found it simple to advertise their product, which contributed to their success as a firm.

Phoozy Net Worth

According to estimates, Phoozy’s net worth in 2021 will be around $1.3 million. This firm manufactures cases for mobile devices, computers, gadgets, and tablets. The price of this product ranges from $20 to $99, depending on the size and category of the cover.

Name Phoozy
Net Worth (2021)
$1.3 Million *Approx
Protective Suit That Protects Devices
Kevin Conway And Josh Inglis
Asked For
$500,000 For 10%
$500,000 For 8% + $1.5 Per Unit Until $500,000 Is Repaid
Robert Herjavec And Lori Greiner
Monthly Income $5,000

Investors Details For Phoozy

Michael Conway And Josh Inglis went to Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 19 in order to expand their firm and obtain finance. Investors Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner signed the agreement for $500,000 For 8% + $1.5 Per Unit Until $500,000 Is Repaid.

Final Words

In the near future, Phoozy: Thermal Phone Case will develop into a well-regarded phone and laptop case manufacturer. Because they have both product and marketing expertise that will help them expand and promote their product.

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Phoozy is a brand not a human, Above we discuss a brand’s net worth.

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