Julia Haart From "My Unorthodox Life" Is Worth Over $550 Million

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Julia Haart From “My Unorthodox Life” Is Worth Over $550 Million


My Unorthodox Life is the account of Julia Haart’s choice to leave a Monsey, New York, Orthodox Jewish community. After the premiere of the first season on Netflix, fans were immediately curious about Julia’s new (apparently) rich lifestyle.

The reality television star’s ascent to fashion tycoon began when she founded her own shoe brand. Julia told People that it never occurred to her that it was odd to establish a shoe business without ever having created a shoe.

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You do not know what you are capable of unless you attempt it. This can-do mentality assisted her in obtaining a position as the creative director of La Perla before she became the CEO of the large talent agency/media conglomerate Elite World Group.


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Julia was sacked from EWG in 2022 when a judge decided that her claim to be a co-owner of the company was fake.

She added, “I was so determined that I never stopped to worry if I would fail.” It was either victory or death. And it’s only natural for My Unorthodox Life viewers to speculate about Julia’s net worth, what with all the fine apparel and helicopter excursions to the Hamptons with her entire family. (Hint: It’s worth millions of dollars.)

Julia assisted in the running of a prominent talent agency

“When I took over the firm in 2018, it was worth $90 million, and today it’s worth over $1 billion,” Julia told Women’s Health in 2021, when she was still employed at EWG.

Based on her co-ownership position, almost $500,000 of her previous net worth came from EWG alone. The “talent media” agency represents over 5,000 actors, artists, models, and other individuals worldwide. Among these models are Kendall Jenner, Iman, and Irina Shayk, as an aside.


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Julia also said that the organization assists its celebrity customers in leveraging social media in order to have a successful career beyond the runway.

She told WH, “If you have a passion and a narrative to share, and people are listening and admiring you, I will monetize it.” And by doing so, we may genuinely contribute to the creation of this army of financially independent women with lengthy careers.

Julia’s ex-husband, the Italian entrepreneur Silvio Scaglia, worked alongside her at Elite World Group. According to Trend Net Worth, she earned close to $2 million each year as CEO or $400,000 per month.

She also sold her shoe brand a few years ago

When Julia first began her profession, she created her own shoe company from scratch. She told Individuals, “I had investors who supported me, but it was a series of miracles and meeting people” “I met the gentleman who manufactured my shoes on a flight. I discovered the manufacturers in Italy on my own and handled public relations, sales, and everything else.”

After the brand’s success, Julia sold it for a substantial sum. She then served as the creative director for La Perla, an Italian lingerie-focused design business.

She undoubtedly earned a nice wage for creating so many garments: “For instance, during the previous season, I had 250 ready-to-wear items, 3,000 to 4,000 lingerie pieces, and several hundred beachwear pieces. Therefore, perform the calculations “Julia informed The Cut in 2018 (My head hurts simply attempting.)

Season 1 of My Unorthodox Life consisted of nine episodes

According to The Guardian, reality series stars often earn more money than competition series contestants. Therefore, it is possible that Julia gained a substantial sum of money from her presence in the first season of the show.


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Julia told People, “My hope is that someone would see the program and give themselves permission to go for what they want, recognize what makes them miserable, and battle to determine who they are.” Because it is never too late to alter one’s lifestyle. As of yet, there has been no confirmation of a second season.

Julia Haart Net Worth

How much is Julia actually worth between her former job, her book, and her apartment in New York with a custom closet inspired by Clueless (according to Entertainment Tonight)? In 2021, a person close to Julia informed Women’s Health that she was worth $600 million.

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And it appears that, based on her achievements to date, her money account will continue to grow.

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