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Jerry Lawler: How Much Does He Make Per Year?

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Jerry Lawler has a net worth of $1.5 million as a semi-retired professional wrestler. And WWE commentator in the United States. Lawler, who is simply known as “The King” by his fans. He is a key member of the WWE and presently serves as a color commentator. Jerry began his wrestling career with a number of different organizations before joining the WWE in 1992.

Jerry Lawler

He had a famous dispute with Andy Kaufman throughout his career. Lawler has held more prestigious titles than any other professional wrestler in history. Despite the fact that he has never won a WWE championship. He was, however, inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007. Jerry has also been engaged in the entertainment industry. Further appearing in the 1999 film “Man on the Moon” as himself.

Early Years of Jerry Lawler

Jerry O’Neil Lawler was born in Memphis, Tennessee on November 29th, 1949. Because his father worked at a Ford Motor Company assembly factory in Lorain. He spent part of his early life there. Lawler lived with his family in Amherst, Ohio, near Cleveland. From the age of seven to fifteen. Jerry fell in love with Ohio and Cleveland at this time. And he became a die-hard fan of the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, and Cleveland Cavaliers. Jerry. On the other hand, spent a lot of his childhood in Memphis. Lawler’s father died while he was 19 years old.

Career of Jerry Lawler

Jerry started his professional wrestling career in 1977 with the Continental Wrestling Association. He worked for this company for a total of 12 years. During his tenure with the Continental Wrestling Association. He also wrestled for two different spells with the American Wrestling Association in the 1980s. He became involved with the United States Wrestling Association at the end of the 1980s. And fought for the organization until 1997. Jerry Lawyer had, however, already joined the WWF in 1992. He was recognized for his feuds with Bret Hart and Doink the Clown at this time. He was only wrestling part-time by the late 1990s.

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And he had started to shift his focus to commentating. On 2001, he departed the WWF and briefly competed in the independent circuit before rejoining the newly founded WWE. He continued to wrestle and commentate. Throughout this time until transitioning to full-time commentary.

Andy Kaufman Feud

Despite working as a World Wrestling Entertainment announcer for over two decades. He is most known for his rivalry with comic Andy Kaufman. Jerry Lawler gained national headlines in 1982 when he got into a spat with Andy Kaufman. It is which started when Andy Kaufman took his comedic act. Further in which he wrestled women and claimed to be the world’s inter-gender wrestling champion—too literally. Andy was hospitalized after being delivered the ‘piledriver’ technique when he battled Jerry. The two eventually got into a historic brawl on Letterman’s Late Show. Further with Kaufman erupting into an obscene diatribe that resulted in NBC. Along with threatening Kaufman with never working on their network again. And Kaufman suing the network for $200 million.

Jerry Lawler

Health Concerns

After performing with Randy Orton, CM Punk, and Dolph Ziggler at “Raw” in 2012. Lawler had a heart attack. He passed out at the announcers’ table. Further allowing Michael Cole to commentate on his own as the WWE sought medical help for Jerry. Jerry was given CPR and began breathing on his own. He was, however, clinically dead for about 30 minutes. Lawler received an angioplasty to increase his heart’s blood flow shortly after, and he gradually recovered.

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Fortunately, despite being legally dead for so long, physicians determined that he had no evidence of brain damage. The heart attack was triggered by a “unexplained cardiac arrest”. Rather than a clogged artery, according to the report. He was subsequently given the green light to return to the WWE.

Additional Business Ventures

Jerry Lawler has dabbled in a variety of other endeavors outside of wrestling. He recorded a handful of musical singles in the late 1970s. And has continued to make music on an irregular basis throughout the years.

Lawler had his own chat program, The Jerry Lawler Show. On a Memphis television station in the 1980s. In 1998, he starred with Jim Carrey in the film “Man on the Moon,” in which he played himself. There were multiple incidents while shooting. Further indicating that the two did not get along. When Carrey spit on Jerry, Lawler grabbed him and placed him in a sleeper hold. Carrey was sent to a local hospital as a consequence of this.

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Jerry’s only other film appearance was in the horror comedy “Girls Gone Dead,”. It is which was released in 2012. Lawler is also a well-known voice actor. Further having appeared in many WWE video games. In these video games, he serves as a commentator. And he is also a playable character in a number of current WWE video games.

His Area of Exposures

In 1999, Lawler ran for mayor of Memphis, Tennessee, but was unsuccessful. He garnered a little more than 12% of the vote. Jerry has also worked as a commercial artist, painting the cover of the wrestling comic book “Headlocked”. In 2016, he and a business partner in Memphis, Tennessee, opened a wrestling-themed bar. In the following year, he launched a second BBQ restaurant in Cordova, Tennessee.

Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler started the podcast “Dinner with the King” in 2017. Glenn Moore co-hosted the show, but it was subsequently shut down. Because Moore was accused of defrauding Lawler fans who wanted to purchase his artwork and souvenirs. In 2019, Jerry and Scott Reedy launched The Jerry Lawler Show, a new podcast.


Jerry Lawler‘s family is also involved in the wrestling industry. His relative, The Honky Tonk Man, is a professional wrestler in his own right. His son from his previous marriage also became a professional wrestler. Further going under the titles “Brian Christopher” and “Grandmaster Sexay”. Brian eventually took his own life in 2018. Jerry subsequently sued the County Sherriff who was in charge of his supervision. After he was discovered hanging in a detention cell. Kevin, Jerry’s second son, also became a wrestler and referee. Kevin was arrested for trespassing and aggravated burglary later that night.

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