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Jack Harlow Net Worth: All You Nedd to Know!

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One of the top rappers in the nation, Jack Harlow has been in the music business since he was 12 years old and has produced a number of chart-topping songs. The musical group Private Garden was co-founded by the rapper as well.

With 15 songs and the bulk of them being viral singles, Jack Harlow’s debut album, That’s What They All Say, was published in December 2020. Let’s now quickly review Jack Harlow’s whole net worth, which includes his salary, income, successful career, opulent lifestyle, biography, relationships, and more.

Personal Life of Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow’s parents are Mrs. Maggie Harlow and Mr. Brian Harlow. His mother and father own their own business. He has a younger brother named Clay Harlow.

Jack Harlow Net Worth

Jack Harlow does not have any spouses. He is not presently dating or engaged. According to rumors, he was once associated with TikTok sensation Addison Rae. They’ve both been spotted together in public. But neither of them made their connection known in public.

Young Years

Jack Harlow was born on March 13, 1998, in Shelbyville, Kentucky, in the United States. He was raised on a horse farm by his parents, Brian and Maggie Harlow. With parents who own two businesses and a mother who works in business, Jack is from middle- and upper-class families.

When Jack was 12 years old, the family relocated to Shelbyville with his younger brother, Clay. In the sixth grade, he recorded his first rhymes and songs using a laptop and the microphone from a Guitar Hero video game.

The tracks were recorded by Jack and his friend Copeland, who then combined them into the “Rippin and Rappin” coke CD. They offered all of the pupils at Highland Middle School 40 copies for $2 apiece. In addition, the rapper attended Bloom Elementary School before completing his high school studies at Atherton in 2016.

The career of Jack Harlow

Under the alias Mr. Harlow, Jack Harlow released his debut mixtape Extra Credit on June 24, 2011, while still a high school student. He released his first commercial album, “The Handsome Harlow,” in 2015, and his mixtape “18” the following year.

On the mixtape, Shloob, 2forwOyNe, Ronnie Lucciano, Quiiso, and Ace Pro all had brief appearances as musicians.

His other mixtape Gazebo’s first track, Dark Knight, was made available in November 2017. As a result of his success, he started receiving invitations to musical events and joined The Homies on tour.

He moved to Atlanta and worked in the cafeteria at Georgia State University in addition to doing music to augment his income. While working there, he met DJ Drama and was given the opportunity to sign a contract.

Jack Harlow inked agreements in 2018 with prestigious record companies like DJ Drama and Don Cannon’s Generation Now Records. The label saw the debut of Harlow’s major label mixtape “Loose”.

He received the Best Mixtape nomination for the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards. Early in 2020, Jack Harlow released the track “What’s Poppin,” which became his biggest break, and his career was forever changed.

After peaking at #2 on the American Billboard Hot 100, the song gained widespread popularity. Additionally, the music video for the song has amassed over 200 million views on YouTube. Additionally, What’s Poppin received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap Performance.

Jack Harlow Net Worth (1)

More well-known singles from Jack Harlow were also released in the same year, such as “Tyler Herro” and “Moana,” which featured G-Eazy. Near the end of 2020, Jack published his self-titled debut album, which earned a lot of positive reviews. The album features performances by a number of well-known musicians, including Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, DaBaby, Adam Levine, and Big Sean. In 2021, Harlow contributed to Lil Nas X’s #1 Hot 100 song, “Industry Baby,” as a featured artist.

Networth of Jack Harlow

In the year 2022, Jack Harlow’s net worth is projected to be $5 million. Having attained worldwide fame at a young age, he is one of the highest-paid rappers among the country’s youth. He has made a lot of money off of his love of music through the selling of albums, and songs, and deals with big record labels.

Although he is just starting his career and has already accumulated a sizeable sum of money, it seems that his profits will certainly increase in the future. Like other well-known rappers, Jack Hallow appreciates designer clothing, shoes, and jewelry.

A ring that weighs 55 kilos of 14k white gold and costs about $110,000 was purchased by him. Despite this, Harlow has over 1.5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and makes a considerable income from it.

Every year, Jack Harlow makes $900,000. Numerous well-known brands and businesses, like DORITOS and Papa John’s Pizza, have received the rapper’s endorsement. Some sources claim that Jack Harlow makes over $100,000 for each sponsored post. He’s launched a product line and is now selling T-shirts and other things.

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