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Dana Blumberg Net Worth 2022: Who is Robert Kraft’s Girlfriend, Dana Blumberg?

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A specialist in ophthalmology who resides in the United States is Dana Blumberg. Blumberg is recognized as one of the most accomplished ophthalmologists in the country, with a focus on glaucoma. She is one of the Rising Stars in the Super Doctor franchise.

She works at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia, where she specializes in glaucoma treatment. On October 14, 2022, Blumberg made news when she married Robert Kraft, a billionaire, CEO of Kraft Company, and owner of an NFL club. The wedding was a surprise, and several Hollywood celebrities were in attendance.

Overview of Dana Blumberg

Real Name Dana Blumberg
Age 47 Years Old
Height 1.68M
Profession Ophthalmology Specialist
Salary & Income $3 Million Per Year

In the Beginning

In 1974, Dana Blumberg was welcomed into the world by her parents, Nathan Blumberg and Marlene Blumberg, in New York City. In the year 2000, Dr. Blumberg graduated from Saint Louis University with a degree in medicine.

Dana Blumberg Net Worth

In 2004, she graduated from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where she completed her residency. After that, she went on to finish her fellowship in glaucoma at the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University. In addition, Blumberg practiced medicine in the state of North Carolina.

The Career of Dana Blumberg

Blumberg is an ophthalmologist who is board-certified and specializes in the treatment of glaucoma as well as eye and vision care. She formerly held the position of associate professor of ophthalmology at Columbia University in New York City, where she was also affiliated with the New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center. In addition, she was a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

It has been reported that some of her professional awards include a Clinician Scientist Award from the American Glaucoma Society in 2009, a Wilmer Eye Institute Teaching Award in 2006, and selection to the list of Super Doctors Rising Stars by the New York Times Magazine in 2013.

Who is Robert Kraft’s Girlfriend, Dana Blumberg?

This gorgeous doctor, Dana Blumberg, is a board-certified ophthalmologist in New York. She has competence in Diabetic Eye Disease/Retinopathy, Glaucoma, and Cataract Surgery, according to the sources. She delivers her skills as an ophthalmologist at Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

Net Worth of Dana Blumberg

According to the reports of several media outlets, Blumberg’s work as an ophthalmologist brings in a respectable pay and benefits package. In addition to this, she also makes money from the private clinic that she runs.

When it came to her riches back then, Dana had a net worth of between $6 and 7 million US dollars (approx.), as of  filmysiyappa.com. At the moment, she and her boyfriend, Robert, are establishing a home in the Big Apple. On the other hand, her lover Robert Kraft, who is worth $8.3 billion as of the year 2022, has a far larger net worth.

What’s the Interesting Thing About Her Personal Life?

In 2019, Blumberg started a romantic relationship with Robert Kraft, a well-known businessman. In 2019, Kraft and Blumberg were seen together at a variety of sporting events throughout the world, including the finals of the French Open tennis tournament in Paris and the Women’s World Cup soccer tournament in Lyon. Soon after they started dating, the couple started going to major events together, like the Oscars in 2020 and the Super Bowl in 2022.

Dana Blumberg Net Worth

Tommy Hilfiger made the announcement in 2022, during the first-ever amfAR Gala Palm Beach event that was held in honor of the fashion designer, that Blumberg and Kraft were engaged to be married. On October 14, 2022, in New York City, a wedding that was a complete surprise to Blumberg and Kraft took place. There is a disparity of 30 years in age between Dana, who is currently 47 years old, and Kraft, who is currently 81 years old.

Formerly, the CEO of the Kraft Group was wed to his college sweetheart and well-known philanthropist, Myra Hiatt Kraft, for more than 50 years. Together, they were known for their charitable work.

Ovarian cancer was the cause of Myra’s death in July of 2011 when she was 68 years old. The couple had been married for several decades when they started a family together with their four boys.


It is anticipated that Dana Blumberg will have a net worth of $7 million by the year 2022. Her annual income from her ophthalmology practice is $3 million, while her husband, Robert Kraft, has a net worth of $8.3 million.

Since he took ownership of the New England Patriots in 1994, he has been the driving force behind all six of the team’s trips to the Super Bowl. In addition to this, he makes a significant amount of money from his other enterprises, which include real estate, private equity, and several other endeavors in which Blumberg is also currently involved.


What’s Dana Blumberg’s Age?

Ans. She has been alive for 48 years.

Who Does Dana Blumberg Live With?

Ans. Her Husband’s name is Robert Kraft.

Who is the Father of Dana Blumberg?

Ans. Nathan Blumberg is the name of her father.

Who is the Mother of Dana Blumberg?

Ans. Marlene Blumberg is the name of her mother.

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