Chris Brown's Net Worth: Are Chris Brown and Rihanna Still Friends?

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Chris Brown’s Net Worth: Are Chris Brown and Rihanna Still Friends?

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Chris Brown is a famous person who is involved in controversy, but he has still managed to maintain a successful career.

When the rapper attacked Rihanna, many people believed his career was over. However, his fan base has shown that they will support him through anything.

Chris Brown has been putting out albums and writing hit songs for more than 15 years.

He has not only maintained his career but also broadened it to include acting and the arts.

Chris Brown  Net Worth?

Chris Brown has a $50 million net worth, the majority of which came from his music career.

Brown debuted in 2005 with his self-titled album and will soon release Breezy, an album that will be accompanied by a short film of the same name.

In addition to being a musician, dancer, and singer, Brown is a graffiti artist.

His murals have covered the walls of his Hollywood Hills home and his godson’s bedroom in addition to charities and restaurants.

Although Brown never achieved the same level of success in acting as he did in music, he did manage to land a lead role as well as several supporting roles.

He has also appeared on numerous television programs for well over a decade, from Black-ish to The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Even better, the rapper launched CBE, his record label.

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The abbreviation can refer to Chris Brown Entertainment, Culture Beyond Your Evolution, or Culture Beyond Your Experience, among other things.

Although the recording label may not have been very profitable outside of selling Chris Brown’s music, he has been able to make more money by owning multiple Burger King restaurants and becoming a major franchisee in California.

The versatile artist even dabbled in fashion design by starting his line with assistance from Pink + Dolphin’s creators.

In 2019, his clothing line experienced a social media boom, gaining more than a million Instagram followers alone.

Although you might think that someone who works constantly would have a little more money, the rapper has lost a lot of money as a result of legal issues.

The most famous of his outbursts include the domestic assault case that Rihanna filed against him and won.

Chris Brown Musician Career

Chris Brown released an album in 2005 with the same name and sold two million copies.

Despite only spending eight weeks on the album’s recording, Brown wrote and produced more than 50 different songs.

With You, Kiss Kiss, and Wall to Wall are three platinum-certified singles from his second album, Exclusive, which achieved double platinum sales.

Graffiti, his 2009 album, didn’t sell even half as well as his other albums when it was released.

Although Brown claimed that retailers were refusing to carry his albums, it is more likely that his recent guilty plea to assaulting Rihanna, who sustained serious facial injuries, was the cause of the albums’ weak sales.

Within three weeks of its release, F.A.M.E. received a gold certification, and seven days later, the album topped the charts.

It was released in 2011, which appears to have given people enough time to feel at ease listening to his music once more.

Chris Brown Musician Career

Fortune performed twice as well as F.A.M.E., allowing him to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 with his second album.

According to Billboard, X helped Brown reach the top spot for top hip-hop and R&B in 2014 with sales of 145,000 copies.

The song Royalty, which was named after Chris Brown’s new daughter, sold 184,000 album equivalents.

Like its predecessor, the album debuted at the top of the hip-hop and R&B Billboard charts.

Heartbreak on a Full Moon achieved platinum status on January 18, 2018, after selling one million copies in roughly three months in 2017.

The fact that Indigo has 32 tracks makes its 2019 release and 97 million on-demand streams all the more impressive.

The release of Breezy and Brown’s upcoming short film of the same name was announced in July 2020.

Spending His Time as a Street Artist

Chris Brown loves to display his street art on social media, as anyone who follows him on these platforms will attest.

He claims that many different manga art styles are the inspiration for his work, and he enjoys experimenting with many vivid colors.

Chris Brown painted a mural for the charitable Best Buddies Day with his group Symphonic Love Foundation.

Best Buddies works to increase understanding of people with developmental learning disabilities and aid in their employment search.

The mission of the Symphonic Love Foundation is to make art and love accessible to everyone.

They have also collaborated with the Jenesse Center, Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Toys for Tots, and the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

He spent time getting to know the local kids while working on a mural at a restaurant called House of Wings.

Brown collaborated with a different local graffiti artist to create a vibrant, whimsy mural with lots of space so that the neighborhood kids could add their artwork to the community mural.

Compared to the doodles that he had spray-painted all over his Hollywood home, the mural that he created for House of Wings was much friendlier.

The other residents of the Hollywood Hills neighborhood did not appreciate Brown’s graffiti when he started painting the area close to his home.

His art, according to the neighbors, scared the neighborhood kids.

Brown shouldn’t have painted the murals on the outside of his private home to city regulations.

The rapper was given a 30-day deadline to have them taken down, but his lawyer claimed that the city was attempting to suspend the rapper’s First Amendment rights.

King Cairo’s room features a mural that Chris Brown painted.

Chris Brown was invited to paint the toddler’s room on Tyga’s reality show by the boy’s father.

Chris Brown in Television and Film

Chris Brown made his film debut in the supporting role of Duron Williams in the film Stomp the Yard.

After his brother is murdered, a young man leaves for college and joins a fraternity step dancing team in this 2007 film.

This Christmas was released the same year, and Brown was promoted from supporting to a leading role in the holiday film.

Brown plays Michael ‘Baby’ Whitfield in the film, which revolves around the Whitfield family’s Christmas experiences.

While neither of Brown’s 2007 releases received much critical acclaim, This Christmas was more well received by fans.

Stomp the Yard was too absurd for audiences, though they enjoyed seeing Brown bust some moves.

Brown appeared as Will Tutt, a recurring character in the teen drama The O.C.

Chris Brown in Television and Film

The rapper-turned-actor appears in episodes such as The Dream Lover, The French Connection, and My Two Dads.

A year later, the rapper appeared as a guest star on an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on the Disney Channel.

In the episode, one of the characters hires Chris Brown for an early internet show hosted by another character.

Brown appeared in an action film with Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Idris Elba, and Hayden Christensen in 2010.

Taken also had Chris Brown and T.I. as executive producers.

The 2012 film Think Like a Man, starring Chris Brown, Kevin Hart, and Gabrielle Union, was released.

The plot revolves around a group of friends who discover that their partners have been playing tricks from Steve Harvey’s books on them and decide to turn the tables.

Brown also appeared in supporting roles in Battle of the Year and She Ball.

While Battle of the Year follows Brown’s usual pattern of appearing in only good films, audiences detested She Ball.

His Label Enterprises

Despite other labels not giving the musicians he chose a chance, Chris Brown founded his own record company to provide them with the guidance and support they needed to succeed.

The recording company was founded by Interscope Records and had all the tools available to realize the goals of other artists.

However, they stopped taking on new recording artists after 2014 and started concentrating mostly on releasing Chris Brown’s music.

The most well-known artists signed to his label included Sevyn Streeter, Sabrina Antionette, and the rock group U.G.L.Y.

Sevyn’s music video garnered 1.7 million views, and this rock band was able to upload a few music videos online thanks to his direction.

The Luvaboy TJ collaborated with CBE and used the assistance of the seasoned rapper to release his debut single, Amnesia.

Other than Chris Brown, The Luvaboy TJ was the first artist to be signed to CBE.

Even though the pay wasn’t great, the younger rapper was able to develop his skills while working at CBE.

In any case, the Luvaboy TJ was more interested in sharing his talent with the world than making a sizable profit.

Case of Rihanna’s Assault

After the general public witnessed Chris Brown leaving his then-face girlfriend in 2009, their opinion of him completely changed.

At the time, Rihanna was at the height of her fame, so it was shocking to see her with a bloody bruised mouth.

After Rihanna confronted the rapper about cheating on her with a coworker, they got into a fight in his car.

Brown threatened to kill Rihanna in addition to punching her in the face and biting her in the ear.

Case of Rihanna's Assault

Brown was detained on suspicion of making criminal threats hours after the assault.

Chris Brown had never previously been associated with any sort of trouble before this attack.

He severely damaged his career with his choices, and no one wanted to collaborate with him.

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Even though his ardent supporters have never wavered, he lost the support of fans and other celebrities as a result of what he did to Rihanna.

Why He Decided to Become a Burger King Franchisee

Chris Brown developed a taste for hamburgers while he was incarcerated.

Since this became the rapper’s preferred meal, he developed a desire to open up a franchise of well-known fast-food burger restaurants.

After his incarceration, Brown found eating a hamburger as a free man to be incredibly relieving, and he wanted to share that feeling with more people.

Brown unintentionally revealed that he owned 14 Burger Kings throughout California in an interview in 2015.

Contrary to appearances, not just anyone can be the owner of a Burger King.

Your bank account must first contain at least $1.5 million, and you also need to have an additional $500,000 in liquid assets.

Despite the low cost of Burger King’s food, it can cost anywhere between $1.2 million and $2.2 million to open a Burger King.

This indicates that the rapper may have spent up to $30.8 million just to get his fast-food restaurants up and running.

Before becoming a Burger King franchisee, each franchisee must complete 84 days of classroom and on-the-job training.

In addition, a franchisee orientation course requiring an additional 80 hours of study must be completed.

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Chris Brown loves burgers, but he cannot eat pork or beef, so he rarely orders anything but the Impossible Whopper at one of his eateries.

It’s a wise investment to have the Burger Kings as a fallback in case his music career falters or he needs to step away from the spotlight.

Chris Brown is not the first famous person to own a fast food restaurant.

Shaq owns numerous Auntie Anne’s restaurants, and fellow rapper Kanye West once gave his fiancée 10 European Burger Kings as a pre-nuptial gift.

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