Bizzy Banks Net Worth: is Bizzy Banks Still Locked?

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Bizzy Banks Net Worth: is Bizzy Banks Still Locked?

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Bizzy Banks is a millionaire American rapper and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. His real name is Majesty Moses, but he went by the stage name Bizzy Banks.

With the release of his smash song Don’t Start in 2019, the rapper rose to prominence. The song rapidly went viral, gaining him a lot of attention. Following that achievement, in the year 2020, Banks released his debut mixtape GMTO (Get Money Take Over), Vol. 1.

Bizzy Banks, a Brooklyn drill rapper, received inspiration for his music career while growing up with an older brother who used to love to freestyle around their family home. Bank’s music is inspired by survival and tenacity.

For him, the pain has become a way of life, and the Brooklyn drill sound is how he chooses to tell his experiences. However, after climbing to the top of the music industry, Bizzy Banks suddenly faced a significant stumbling block and found himself in jail facing some very severe charges.

Bizzy Banks’ Early Life

Majesty Moses was the moniker with which Bizzy Banks was raised. He was born in Brooklyn, New York on October 24, 1998. He and his family then lived in a variety of Brooklyn and Queens communities until settling in East New York.

By the time Banks started elementary school, his family had been torn apart: his Trinidadian father had been deported back to his home country, and his older brother had been imprisoned. With two sisters and a mother, this left Banks as the de facto man of the home.

Bizzy Banks never ate meat as a child, and he fasted every Saturday from 6 a.m. till dusk, spending the most of his time in prayer. Banks frequently remained at his grandmother’s house because his mother was always so busy.

Bizzy finds himself involved in more troublesome conduct than ever while living with his grandmother. Music was the one constant in his life that he kept returning to. His mother frequently listened to reggae around the house, although his older brother was significantly more interested in performers such as Lil Wayne.

Bizzy Banks' Early Life

Listening to his older brother’s Lil Wayne mixtapes, in fact, led Banks to start freestyling with his buddies at launch. He was attending G Gershwin Junior High School at the time. He then joined forces with his classmates and began rapping in the local battle rap.

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Drill music quickly became the soundtrack to their existence, from Bobby Sharmuda’s dancing records to Bambino’s fight rapper style, as well as some more current musicians like Sheff G. He never took the idea of becoming a rapper seriously at the moment. Not until he was out of high school and on his way to college.

Bizzy Banks’ Music Career

He needed a powerful stage name to launch his rap career, so he chose not to use his wonderful name. He chose to use the battle rap star Lloyd Banks’ last name together with his childhood moniker, Bizzy.

He would soon release a number of well-liked tracks, including Dead Presidents and his breakout song Don’t Start in 2019. He received considerable national notice thanks to that song. Bizzy would receive a contract offer from well-known musical company Atlantic in March 2020 after amassing millions of millions of streams on YouTube and other platforms.

From then, he went on to create GMTO (Get Money Take Over), Vol. 1, his debut mixtape. The mixtape is jam-packed with songs like Top 5, Quarantine freestyle, and Extra Study that highlight Bizzy’s distinct storytelling approach.

Soon after, Bizzy headed to the recording studio to start work on the follow-up album Same Energy, which was eventually released in July 2021, approximately eight months later. His status as the only Brooklyn drill artist to be compared to is further cemented.

Bizzy Banks' Music Career

With that kind of popularity, Bizzy was well aware of the widespread opinion that drill music is undesirable. Local officials have been clear about their conviction that the genre, which has grown in popularity in New York City, encourages violence.

After establishing himself in 2019 and then exploding in 2020, Bizzy had amassed enough wealth by May 2021 to relocate his family from New York to a New Jersey suburb. He made the move because he realised that as long as he lived in New York, he’d always have a target painted on his back in some fashion.

Bizzy Banks Net Worth

Bizzy Banks Net Worth is expected to be about $500,000 by 2022. Aside from amassing a large fan base all around the world, the rapper has amassed a sizable fortune through his music career. His main source of revenue is from the music industry, which includes live concerts, mixtapes, successful singles, and collaborations.

Bandemic, Adore You, City Hot, and Red Carpet are among the tracks recorded by Bizzy. But his biggest success occurred in the year 2019, when he released the track Don’t Start.

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Bizzy Banks has now become an internet superstar, and his net worth is steadily increasing. Bizzy’s self-titled YouTube channel has over 100k subscribers, so he’s making a lot of money from there. His annual salary exceeds $100,000.

Legal Concerns

Bizzy Banks was arrested by the authorities in January 2022 when a swat squad raided his Hackensack, New Jersey, residence. Officers claim that they discovered more than 2 pounds of marijuana, $2,700 in cash, and a pistol that was loaded with hollow tip bullets once the raid was over.

Following those revelations, Bizzy was arrested and sent to the Bergan County Jail where he was charged with several crimes including money laundering, unlawful possession of a handgun, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

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There was some anticipation that he would be released from Bergan in June 2022, but it turns out he wasn’t. Instead, he was moved to Rikers Island and charged with attempted murder, which is still another offence.

Banks finally found himself a free man in August of 2022, after over 8 months in jail. Upon being released from prison, he undoubtedly had his priorities in order and knew what he wanted to achieve first.

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