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Bill Hader Net Worth: Approximately how rich is Ben Stiller?

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Bill Hader is an American actor, voice actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director who was born in Oklahoma.

Fame came his way when he was cast in an episode of the NBC comedy series “Saturday Night Live.” This earned him a Peabody Award and four nominations for the Primetime Emmys.

Net Worth

American comedian, writer, and actor Bill Hader are estimated to be worth $12 million by thetoughtackle. Hader has acted in a wide variety of film and television productions. He has also proven himself as a capable voice actor in a variety of roles.

Still, Bill is most widely recognized as the creator and star of the HBO black comedy series Barry. On occasion, he also takes the helm as director. Having appeared on “Saturday Night Live,” he has gained even more notoriety. Bill Hader has been honored with numerous accolades throughout his career.

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Early Life

Bill Hader entered this world on June 7, 1978, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bill had two younger sisters when he was a kid. He was a jokester who had trouble paying attention in class. He was always a slacker in class. He preferred to spend his time reading and watching films.

Bill Hader Net Worth

Monty Python and Woody Allen were two of his earliest film influences. He and his pals staged production of “The Glass Menagerie” while still in high school.

When he applied to the top film schools in the country, he was rejected because of his low GPA. He attended Scottsdale Community College before enrolling at The Art Institute of Phoenix. Hader worked as a movie theatre usher and sold Christmas trees during this time.


Hader joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live” in 2005 as a featured performer. He was producing “Iron Chef America” at the time. His first film role was in the comedy You, Me, and Dupree, released the following year. In the short time that followed, he appeared in a wide variety of films, including Knocked Up, The Brothers Solomon, Hot Rod, and Superbad.

The American singer/actor worked on the voice casts of “Xavier: Renegade Angel” and “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” in 2009. This same year he also appeared in “Year One,” “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs,” “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian,” and “Adventureland.”

Bill Hader Net Worth

Someone who did voice work for “The Venture Bros.” Soon after, he appeared as an athletic trainer in “Funny or Die Presents.”
From 2012 to 2014, he appeared in “Bob’s Burgers” and “The Mindy Project.”

In 2015’s “Trainwreck,” a romantic comedy, Hader was cast in the lead role for the first time. Fear’s voice in the Disney-Pixar film “Inside Out” was provided by him the same year.


Writer/director Maggie Carey and actor Bill Hader tied the knot in 2006. Together, the couple produced three offspring during their time together. They announced their separation in 2017, and the divorce was finalized in 2018.

Real Estate

In 2014, Hader and his ex-wife Maggie Carrie spent $3.05 million on a home in the Pacific Palisades of California. The home has a pool and spa in the backyard in addition to its 3,400 square feet of living space. In 2019, reports circulated that Bill had purchased another Pacific Palisades mansion for $4.2 million.

Frequently Asked Question

Approximately how rich is Ben Stiller?

Jokester Jerry Stiller and actor Anne Meara are his parents. To the public, Stiller was a part of the hilarious “Frat Pack” of actors. His films have grossed over $2.6 billion in North America. That breaks down to an average of $79 million per film.

How much money does Bill Hader have?

Pay and Wealth of Bill Hader: The net worth of Bill Hader, an American comedian, writer, and actor, is $12 million.

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