Amelie Zilber Net Worth: How Does She Spend Money?

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Amelie Zilber Net Worth: How Does She Spend Money?


Amelie Zilber was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 27, 2002. Both of her parents, Christina and Laurent Zilber, are employed by the entertainment business. Her mother is an actress, and her father is a movie producer. Christina owns and operates the clothing line Jouer Cosmetics.

Zilber admitted that although her mother is half Lebanese and half American and her father is French, she is actually of French ancestry. She is currently learning Arabic because she is interested in Middle Eastern politics and speaks English, French, and Arabic fluently. Emmanuel is her brother’s name. She attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and Harvard Westlake School in Los Angeles, but she hasn’t mentioned her major.

Amelie Zilber Net Worth

According to Many Sources, Zilber has a $2 million net worth. Social media influencer, political activist, model, and content creator Amelie Zilber is American.

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Amelie Zilber Career

Modeling for her mother’s cosmetic company Jouer Cosmetics was how Zilber started her career, and she spent some time there. After her agent was transferred, she left Ford Models where she had initially signed. Zilber was one of the newest models working with LA Models. In 2014, Zilber began sharing photos from Malaysia, where she was serving as an ambassador, on Instagram. Currently, she has more than 2.5 million followers and serves as UNICEF’s young ambassador.

Since September 2020, Amelie and Blake are still together and have been in a committed relationship.

Amelie Zilber Tiktok Series “Two Minute Times”

Zilber’s TikTok series ‘Two Minute Times’ provides a straightforward perspective on current events and political news for a younger audience. The series gained millions of views due to its popularity with viewers. She has devoted a portion of her posts to educating her over 7.3 million followers on politics and current events, despite the diversity of her content. Her other content may include, among others, lip-sync fashion, beauty, and storytime videos. Additionally, she serves as a Youth Columnist for Maria Shriver.

Amelie Zilber Youtube and Instagram

She also maintains a YouTube channel where she uploads a variety of videos that her audience enjoys, including interviews, news snippets from her TikTok, vlogs, beauty, fashion, and Q&A videos. She currently has more than 458k subscribers. Zilber has also joined the cast of the fifth season of “Grown-ish” as Lauryn.

Zilber posted on Instagram outside the White House on 2 December 2021 that she had been invited for an interview. Later, fans learned from her Instagram that she was with President Biden’s advisor Symone Sanders, and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Amelie Zilber Quick Facts

Name Amelie Zilber
Date Of Birth (Age) March 27, 2002, 20 years old
Net Worth $2 million
Instagram 2.5 million followers
TikTok 7.3 million followers
YouTube 456k subscribers
Twitter 381.4k followers
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Nationality American

Source of Income

Zilber derives the majority of her income from her social media presence as a content creator, brand collaborations, modeling, and acting.

On TikTok, the creator could potentially earn as much as $7,000 per post, excluding brand-sponsored partnerships. A brand-sponsored Instagram post could earn her an estimated $8,500 or more. She averages around $3k per video on YouTube, excluding brand-sponsored deals for which she could charge upwards of $5,000 per video.


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Throughout her career as an influencer, Zilber has collaborated with numerous top fashion and beauty brands, many of which can be seen on her social media profiles. Unfortunately, we do not have the numbers to support how much she could earn from these sponsored collaborations, but we can assume they are substantial. This could represent a substantial portion of her income.

As a model, she has collaborated with a variety of other companies, ranging from Dior and Ralph Lauren to Jouer Cosmetics. However, we do not currently know how much she could earn from this, though we can assume it would be a substantial amount.

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Throughout her entertainment career, Zilber has participated in a number of acting projects. In addition to her role as Lauryn in the fifth season of “Grown-ish,” she has also appeared in a number of other television programs. We can assume that Zilber earned more than $100,000 annually from these acting gigs.

Her Expenditure

It is currently unknown how Zilber may have spent her earnings, as she has managed to keep that information confidential. We can only assume that Zilber has invested in beauty and fashion products, such as clothing and accessories, that she has promoted on social media.

Zilber also maintains a popular YouTube channel, which necessitates the purchase of audio and video equipment to produce higher-quality content. This could include lights, props, high-end cameras, sound recording equipment, audio, and video editing software, high-end machines to run these programs, and other equipment that would improve the quality of the content. She also actively creates content for short-form formats, which requires a different set of tools.


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Consequently, Zilber could outsource her video creation duties to other professionals, who could charge her a premium price based on the individual’s or team’s abilities. In addition, she could have assembled a team to assist in the creation of her content, including the management of her social media interactions.

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As she was previously represented by Ford Models and LA Models, Zilber would also be required to pay management fees to an agent or management company. Unknown at this time is which agency represented her. She may be required to pay a premium fee for the company’s management and logistics services, depending on the number of celebrities/talents on the company’s roster.

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