Alan Keating Net Worth: How Much Wealthy is This Poker Man?

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Alan Keating Net Worth: How Much Wealthy is This Poker Man?


Alan Keating is a partner in the Finance and Capital Markets Department and is in charge of US Structured Finance.

Alan Keating’s Net Worth

Alan Keating, an American from Bloomfield Hills, is a professional poker player with a net worth of $9 million. Because he has kept his personal life private, Keating is best known for playing in the World Series of Poker. He came to the public’s attention for the first time in 2007 when he won $3,408 in No-Limit Hold’em at World Series of Poker event 15. He has also worked in the business of gambling for decades.

Net Worth: $9 Million
Profession: Actor, Singer
Country: United States of America
Born: 9 March 1986
Salary (Annual): $2 Million
Last Updated 2022

According to filmysiyappa Net Worth of Alan Keating is $9 Million

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Career, Earning, and Achievements

After winning his first WSOP title in 2007, Keating went to the WSOP Main Event and won $58,570. He then went to the No-Limit Hold’em Championship and won $3,824 in cash.

2009 was the best year of Keating’s career in terms of how well he did. He played in the 40th annual No-Limit Hold’em World Series of Poker and won $14,413. He won $9,015 and was ranked #5 overall after his No-Limit Hold’em Championship in Bellagio Summer Dailies.

Keating kept going to the WSOP from 2010 to 2015, and each time he won some money. He made the most money in 2010 when he won $41,967 at the 41st Annual World Series of Poker. He made the least in 2012 when he won only $2,767 at the 43rd Annual World Series of Poker.

Keating won $21,495 at the 44th Annual World Series of Poker in 2013 and $21,074 at the No-Limit Hold’em Championship in Five Diamond Classic (WPT) in 2015.

The 2022 Hustler Casino Live show, which took place recently and lasted eight hours, was the most intense live poker stream ever. Over 100,000 poker fans watched talented players compete at a table with many Twitch streams and YouTube stars.

Keating lost a $100/$200 no-limit hold ’em cash game, which was the biggest loss in the history of poker. He usually plays in Hustler Casino Live tournaments, so most of his fans were surprised when he lost $1.1 million at a table full of amateurs.

Keating played more than 85% of the hands he was dealt, but he was out of luck. He made an all-in bet of $84,800 from Slime with (a-Hearts)(j-Diamonds) while Slime had (a-Clubs) (6-Clubs).

Keating did make some strange moves, like using (9-Spades)(4-Hearts) to make a three-bet jam to $154,600. At Hustler Casino Live Game, MrBeast and Alexandra Botez do very well, but Keating loses $1.1 million.

Best Winning Moments

  • Keating’s last live game was in 2015 at the Five Diamond Classic. He played No-Limit Hold’em and won $21,074 there.
  • $203,155 was won at the World Series of Poker.
  • $21,074 for the World Poker Tour
  • In 2010, at the 41st Annual World Series of Poker, Keating won $41,967, which was the closest he came to matching his live poker earnings of $58,570 in 2007.


Alan Keating has a net worth of about $9 million as of 2022. Since he was ten years old, Keating has been playing poker. Keating has won $239,711 in poker games over the course of his career, but he has never won a whole tournament. Many websites say that Keating is “nobody in poker.” But he is a high-stakes cash game player whose gambling strategies are well-known.

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