record of ragnarok chapter 76


Record of Ragnarok Chapter 76 Explanation: Nikola Tesla’s Childhood and Curiosity for Science!


Record of Ragnarok Chapter 76 Explanation: In a later part of the story, we learn that after Ares brought Chaos back to Hermes, Hermes realizes that the way he tried to solve the problem didn’t work and was probably a bad idea. Michel Nostradamus thinks that watching him move his legs is amazing and powerful. He then says that the whole area was dug up when he saw the damaged part, which was in the Gematria Zone and was made up of hexagonal columns and other pillars that were all broken. Then Heimdall asks him what he did and what happened, but right then he sees a strange figure standing in the middle of the smoke.

Later, after seeing this, all of the researchers, including Zeus and Adamantine, were shocked to see that Nikola Tesla was still standing, even though the Super Automation Beta had taken a lot of damage. This really inspired them. Tesla was still hurt, and he had a lot of blood coming out of his head and right arm. But Heimdall says that even though the results aren’t clear yet, they can probably assume that Beelzebub’s terrible attack has ripped Tesla to pieces. This is true even though Tesla was still hurt.

Beelzebub’s Chaos Attack and its Consequences

In a later part of the Record of Ragnarok Chapter 76, we learn that the most recent attack has also hurt Gondul. Heimdall said that the darkness of Helmeim has taken away the light of humanity’s hope and that it is about to go out for good. Brunhilde tells Goll to close his eyes, so he runs away, yells Gondul’s name, and then closes his eyes again. At this point, Adamantine is interested in the attack. Even Zeus is asked if he knows anything about this power. Zeus says that he has heard about this in a few stories, but he has never seen it for himself.

record of ragnarok chapter 76

He says that an attack is being made on Beelzebub’s right hand. On the other hand, he defends himself with his left hand. With the help of both hands, he can make them explode in a strong burst, thanks to the vibrations made by both of them. He goes on to say that he has only ever used it to fight a creature from Helheim and Hades and that everyone who has seen the black sphere, even from his own castle, has felt extreme fear. He also says that the power he has is so terrible and hurts so many people that many people think it is a taboo subject.

After some time has passed and the smoke has cleared, Adamantine sees Beelzebub and realizes that he, too, has been hurt badly in the attack. Also, it turns out that the Lord of the Flies was hurt all over his body. Zeus says that Beelzebub has destroyed his own body in order to have such terrible destructive power. From now on, they will call it Chaos, which is a terrible plan.

Next, we see that Beelzebub’s arm is shaking. This is enough for Zeus to suggest that Beelzebub must have made a mistake in his calculations if he can’t knock Tesla down with that attack.

Tesla’s Use of Super Tesla Coils in the Face of Beelzebub’s Chaos

Beelzebub huffs and says that he, too, is very surprised to see this because he hasn’t seen Tesla yet. But later, we see that the Super Tesla Coil, which was all over Tesla’s right hand, suddenly broke. Galileo Galilei doesn’t think that Tesla gave up one of his Super Tesla Coils as a sacrifice. At the same time, Thomas Edison says he couldn’t help it.

Tesla has no choice but to use one of his Super Tesla Coils to make the output needed to counteract some of Beelzebub’s Chaos. Despite the fact that he was still damaged, even Beelzebub hailed Tesla as a genuinely amazing being when Tesla used one of his Super Tesla Coils.

record of ragnarok chapter 76

When Beelzebub takes up the skull using only his right hand, we can tell that he is certain that this is going to be the final step in the process. In point of fact, Tesla also reiterated this after Brunhilde and Goll’s disbelief at what they saw. On the other side, Tesla has a different point of view; he shakes his head, points his finger, and says, “No…Non…Nein.” He says this to say that he doesn’t think this is the end of humanity because people will keep living forever.

The scene then goes back in time to show a young boy running out of his house in the village of Smiljan, which used to be part of the Austrian Empire but is now in what is called Western Croatia. The child is telling his mother and sister that he is leaving for good. Even though his mother asks him where he is going, his sister tells her not to worry because he is just going back to his secret base of operations.

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Nikola Tesla’s Childhood and Curiosity for Science

In a later scene, this kid is standing in front of a strange door with a strange handle in the middle. This little boy was actually Nikola Tesla when he was five years old. Someone in this house asks for a codeword by asking what God’s favorite numbers are. Tesla says that his answers are 3, 6, and 9. Someone told him that the password was correct and that he could go inside.

record of ragnarok chapter 76

Nikola Tesla’s older brother, Dane Tesla, who is twelve years old, greets him as he walks into his research lab, which is called Gematria Zone. The handle on the door, which looks strange, turns as the door opens. Nikola asks him what he is doing today, and he tells him that he is building a windmill for an old man in the hamlet named Al. Nikola wants to know what he’s up to today.

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Then they found out that Dana, who was seven years older than his brother Nikola, was the most gifted person in the area. Dana was a child genius, and the whole village relied on her skills. She was seven years older than Nikola. Nikola asks him if a windmill is an extremely common thing. Dane tells him that this is not true, that the design makes the drive twice as efficient, and that he can show Nikola how it spins. He’s still trying to figure out how it will move, though.

Nikola tells Dane that he’s getting worried about these things again, and he asks Dane why he keeps doing what they ask even though he doesn’t trust himself. Dane replies that there is a clear and simple way to solve the problem, and he is sure that this will make them happy. The most important thing, though, is that the things he makes make other people happy.

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