Record of Ragnarok Chapter 75 Review and Reading Guide


Record of Ragnarok Chapter 75 Review and Reading Guide: Beelzebub’s Chaos and Tesla’s Counterattack!


Record of Ragnarok Chapter 75 Review and Reading Guide: We’re here to help you. Manga fans can’t wait to see what happens next in the story after a great chapter that shows some of the most exciting parts of the series.

If you’ve been reading this amazing historical thriller manga since the first chapter came out and are now wondering when you can read the next Record Of Ragnarok chapter, you’re in the right place to find out.

Today, we’ll tell you not only when but also where you can easily read the next Record Of Ragnarok chapter 75 on your phone or computer. But before we get to that, let’s go over what happened before so that everyone is on the same page and nothing important is missed.

In the last chapter, we saw that the black ball cracked and rippled all over the clouds in the sky before it exploded like a balloon. It also caused all the debris to fly away and a huge shockwave, which scared the crowd of people, Heimdall, and of course, the crowd of gods.

Where to Read Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 75?

You can read all chapters of Record of Ragnarok directly on Comicey and Viz Media, which both have the best official English translations. You can also buy the paperback volumes of the manga on the official website of Viz Media.

What Happened in Record of Ragnarok Chapter 75

The Aftermath of Chaos: Tesla’s Resilience and Gondul’s Injury

Later in this chapter, after being taken back by Ares, Chaos, Hermes says that the techniques he uses are useless and probably terrible. Michel Nostradamus said that when he moved his feet, it was really amazing and powerful. As he looked at the broken pieces, especially in the Gematria Zone, where the hexagonal columns and all the pillars were broken, he said that the whole area had been dug up. Then Heimdall asks him what he was doing and what just happened, but then he sees a mysterious figure in the middle of the smoke.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 75 Review and Reading Guide

Later, when Zeus and Adamantine, and the other scientists saw this, they were shocked and very inspired to see that Nikola Tesla was still standing, even though Super Automation Beta had been badly damaged. Even though Tesla is still hurt and bleeding from his head and right arm, Heimdall says that even though the results are still unknown, they can assume that Beelzebub’s horrible attack tore Tesla apart.

Later in this chapter, we see that the recent attacks have also hurt Gondul, who is also somewhat damaged. Heimdall says that Helmeim’s darkness has swallowed up Humanity’s hope, and the flame is almost out. Here, Brunhilde makes Goll close his eyes, so he steps back and screams Gondul’s name. Adamantine is curious about the attack and even asks Zeus if he knows anything about it. Zeus says he has only heard about it in stories but has never seen it.

Beelzebub’s Chaos and Tesla’s Counterattack

He said that the right hand of Beelzebub was attacked. On the other hand, his left hand was for defense, and he could make things explode in a huge way by making them vibrate with both hands. He also said that he had only used it to fight monsters from Helhheim and Hades in the past and that anyone who saw the black orb, even from his castle, would be scared. He also said that his terrifying power caused so much damage that many people thought it was taboo.

Then, when the smoke clears, Adamantine looks at Beelzebub and sees that the attack hurts him a lot, too. He also sees that the Lord of the Flies is hurt all over his body. Zeus said that Beelzebub had destroyed his own body to get such destructive and terrible power. From now on, they would call this technique “Chaos,” which was a very bad idea.

Then we see that Beelzebub’s arms are shaking, which is enough for Zeus to point out that if Beelzebub missed Tesla with that strike, he must have made a mistake.

Beelzebub gasps and says that he was also very surprised by what he saw since Tesla wasn’t there yet. Then, the Super Tesla Coil in Tesla’s right hand suddenly falls apart. Galileo Galilei didn’t believe that Tesla had given up one of his Super Tesla Coils, but Thomas Edison said that he couldn’t help it.

Tesla has no choice but to use one of his Super Tesla Coils to get the results he needs to partially counteract Beelzebub’s Chaos. Even though he is still hurt, Beelzebub admits that Tesla is truly amazing.

Beelzebub thought this was the end when he lifted the skull with just his right hand. In fact, Tesla said the same thing after the surprises with Brunhilde and Goll. On the other hand, Tesla had a different point of view. He shook his finger and said, “No…Non…Nein,” which meant that this was not the end of humanity because people would live forever.

Flashback to Nikola Tesla’s Childhood and His Brother’s Genius

Then we see a flashback of a boy running out of his house in the village of Smiljan in the Kingdom of Austria, which is now known as Western Croatia. He is telling his mother and sister that he is leaving. Even though his mom asked him where he was going, his sister told her not to worry because he was just going back to his secret base.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 75 Review and Reading Guide

Later, this boy notices a strange-looking door with a strange-looking handle in the middle. This five-year-old boy is none other than Nikola Tesla. Someone from inside the house asked for the password that says what number God likes best, and Tesla said 3, 6, and 9. The person told him that the password worked and that he could now get in.

Then, a strange-looking doorknob turned, and Dane Tesla, Nikola Tesla’s older brother, welcomed him to his research lab, Gematria Zone. Dane Tesla was twelve years old. Nikola asks him what he did today, and he says that he is putting together a windmill for an old man in the village named Al.

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Then they find out that Dana, who is seven years older than his brother Nikola, is the village’s greatest prodigy. He is a boy genius, and the whole village depends on him. Nikola asks him if a windmill isn’t something very ordinary. Dane says that it isn’t, because the design makes it twice as effective at moving forward. He shows Nikola how it spins in theory, but he’s still not sure how it will move.

Nikola says that he’s back to worrying about these things and asks Dane why he always agrees to these requests when he’s not even sure. Dane told them that the answer was simple and clear, and he thought that this would make them happy. He also said that the best thing is if something he makes someone else smile.

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