What Happened in One Piece Chapter 1078?


What Happened in One Piece Chapter 1078? World Government’s Plan for Egghead!


What Happened in One Piece Chapter 1078? The group of Lilith and Franky faces the last Seraphim, S-Snake. But S-act Snakes of playing coy gets them fooled, and the whole group is scared. Shaka leaves Luffy and the others, saying that he knows where Stella might have gone. He is right, no doubt. He goes to get Stella, but a sneak attack hits him.

He gets shot in the head, which makes the Satellite fall to the ground. Vegapunk sees everything that happens. He has also seen the face of the person who did it, but One Piece chapter 1077 ended without saying who it was or what it looked like.

One Piece Chapter 1078 Recap

World Government’s Plan for Egghead and Sentomaru’s Response

At the start of One Piece Chapter 1078, Stussy tells Sentomaru about the World Government’s plan. The former CP0 agent says that their mission was to kill Dr. Vegapunk while they waited for Admiral Kizaru to arrive. Stussy says that the World Government may have decided that Egghead is a much bigger threat than Ohara because it keeps looking into forbidden knowledge and has a lot of military power. Egghead is where all of Dr. Vegapunk’s inventions are made, after all. It also holds not only weapons from the future but also the MK. III and the Seraphim.

What Happened in One Piece Chapter 1078?

When Sentomaru heard that, he left Stussy and Jimbei right away. He runs towards the Fabriophase and tells the two to call him right away if there’s a problem. During the Fabriophase, Sentomaru keeps working to get everyone out. He tells the people of Egghead once more about the terrible things that could happen there and tells them to get on the ships because they have to leave before the Navy arrives.

Franky can still move half of his body on S-side. Snake’s The cyborg threatens the Seraphim with what’s left of him, but the Seraphim are not scared. Right then, Pythagoras shows up. The Satellite asks who told the Seraphim to attack them, but Pythagoras only gets a huge attack in return.

Robin, Chopper, and Atlas search for Dr. Vegapunk

While this is going on, Robin, Chopper, and Atlas are worried about the others because they keep hearing explosions and screams. Robin, on the other hand, tells them that if the Straw Hats’ navigator lets out a shill, a certain someone will come running. So, the group puts all of its efforts into trying to find Dr. Vegapunk. Atlas also remembers where they used to work in a certain lab. The Satellite can’t put his finger on exactly why his friends should believe her.

Nami takes care of Edison while Sanji fights off S-Shark by himself. Brook’s soul has also left his skeleton-like body. The musician will try to find Stella. Luffy and the rest of the crew are still having trouble with S-Bear and S-Hawk. They’ve just reached a standstill, so S-Hawk has to change what’s most important to him. The Seraphim leaves Luffy and the others to look for easier prey. Zoro follows right away, and Kaku has to follow the swordsman because Luffy told him to. Then, Luffy and Lucci keep fighting S-Bear while complaining about how the other is fighting.

What Happened in One Piece Chapter 1078?

Jewelry Bonney is done telling about the memories that were saved on the big paw. She finds out that it was something that happened three months ago. At that time, the Five Elders already knew about Dr. Vegapunk’s illegal activities because they had heard about them. They sent out a lot of Cipher Pol agents, but none of them came back. So, the Elders decided to have the scientist who was a genius killed.

But they also expected the scientist to fight back, so they decided to check on the situation themselves. They sent Kizaru and other important characters with them to protect them on the trip. It was clear that the Five Elders were planning for war and expecting it to happen. The Straw Hat Pirates just happened to sail to the island and get caught up in a complicated situation. The World Government is also worried because they don’t know what the Emperor will do after they arrive.

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The Traitor Among the Six Satellites in One Piece

When they get back to Stella, Vegapunk asks the traitor if they did everything. He keeps asking them why they would want to destroy the island. At the end of the chapter, we find out that the traitor among the six Satellites is none other than York, the huge female Satellite. York faces her creator and says her goal in a casual way. She tells Stella that she will turn into a Celestial Dragon, which shocks the brilliant scientist a lot.

Stella reminds York of something she did before. She seems to have already been to Marijoa, where she met the kind of creatures she wants to become. So, Stella asks the Satellite if it really wants to be a part of these horrible people. Instead of responding, York just makes fun of Stella. She says that’s probably what Shaka would have said since he’s supposed to be the good one among the Satellites. York is already sure that Shaka is dead, which is a shame. She then goes on to say how annoying it is that having too many Vegapunks makes things more complicated than they need to be. York wants to be the only Vegapunk in One Piece, so he plans to take over.

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