Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 215


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 215: Maki and Yuuji’s Fight Against the Cursed Spirit!


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 215: The next chapter of the manga picks up where the last one left off. Last week, Yuuji hit Sukuna cleanly because Megumi cut down on how much-cursed energy he was putting out. Now, Sukuna says that at his weakest, he will only have 10 percent of his total power. This is crazy to think about because we know that Megumi was reducing his output, but if Sukuna gives a low bar of 10 percent, it means that he is somewhere near that low range right now, which is why Yuuji was able to block most of his attacks.

But that doesn’t mean Yuuji’s new things don’t count. We have to remember that Sukuna has been in Yuuji’s body. He knows how strong Yuuji is because he has seen it with his own eyes. When Choso and Shibuya beat Yuuji in a fight, Sukuna said something like, “How could he lose to such a weak opponent?”

Maki and Yuuji’s Fight Against the Cursed Spirit

He has watched that fight and all of Yuuji’s other fights from inside himself, so he knows what Yuuji’s power is capable of. However, in the last chapter, he asked, “Where did this increase in strength come from?” There is no doubt that Yuuji received some sort of power growth development, which I’m sure will be explored more in the next chapter, but Sukuna is sure he can beat Yuuji even though his power has gone down.

But Maki shows up at the scene without Sukuna having noticed her earlier. He sees that the Nue attack did not hurt Maki and realizes that this person is very strong. So, Maki made it through the Reign of Light, striking down. I’m not sure if she was able to find the perfect cover or just dodged every lightning strike. We know she can outmaneuver mark 3 speed, but lightning moves much faster, so Maki wasn’t going to die from that anyway.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 215

I think Takaba is fine, too. This is more of a “headcanon,” but Takaba can’t be hurt by any attacks because his curse technique says that red, like blood, is forbidden, so Takaba could never bleed. For example, when Hazenoki bombed Takaba straight on, it looked like he was bleeding a lot at first, but on the next page, the blood was gone and Takaba said he had “zero damage.”

Yuuji and Maki start to double-team Sukuna, and Maki does surprisingly well. I know that Megumi’s fight inside Sukuna makes her weaker, but I’m impressed that Maki has the confidence and will to fight Sukuna close up.

Can the Soul Liberation Blade kill Sukuna?

She then does a big power move and pushes Sukuna hard into that railing. Yuuji combos by tying Sukuna up in the railings, which lets Maki land a powerful kick. Now, when Sukuna ties Yuuji up with the railing, he does say that Yuuji is boring and dull, and this is a common way for Sukuna to act in this chapter.

Yuuji had said earlier that even if you try to kill Sukuna, he won’t die, so Maki wonders if her Sould Liberation Blade, which can kill an opponent in one swing, could kill Sukuna, or if Sukuna could use his reverse curse technique to heal from its wounds. Now that I think about it, I don’t think it can kill Sukuna because we know that the blade just cuts through the soul, which means it can easily cut through the body. However, Idle Transfiguration actually changes the shape of a person’s soul and body, which is something that the reverse cursed technique can’t heal, as shown a few times in the story.

But since the Soul Liberation Blade doesn’t change the soul in any way and just makes the soul’s damage worse, I think Sukuna has an advanced type of reverse curse technique because someone accidentally healed Yuuji’s soul when he was protecting himself from the Finger Bearer’s attack. At the very least, that showed that the reverse curse technique is a natural part of Sukuna’s ability. If Maki gets a clean cut from the Soul Liberation Blade, Sukuna might be able to heal it right away, but that might depend on how clean the cut is.

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Speeding Up the Fight: Maki and Yuuji Vs Sukuna

In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 215, Maki says that if they want to catch Sukuna, they might have to kill him, so I guess that means Yuuji and Maki weren’t really trying as hard before because they know Megumi is inside him, so they don’t want to kill Megumi either, but let’s be honest, it’s the kind of curse, so even if they did try, they probably couldn’t kill him anyway, but Yuuji agrees to kill Sukuna

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 215

In Shibuya, he was broken and felt hopeless about what he had done. Here, he is still broken, but he is able to swallow his pain and suffering and face the consequences of his actions right away by using his anger to fuel his awakening power.

I don’t think Shibuya Yuuji would have said or done the same thing here, so when you look at this chapter and the last one, it’s clear that Yuuji is going through a typical power growth. Maki says that they’re going to speed up the pace of this fight, and then Yuuji and Maki fight Sakuna in an amazing 2V1 sequence, which is actually 3V1 since Megumi is also lowering Sukuna’s strength.

In the back of my mind, I was thinking, “Yeah, this could be animated so well. I think it’s called Sakuga Animation.” For example, when Yuuji and Todo fought Hanami in the anime, they were both climbing along the branches in mid-air, and the animation was so smooth and quick. That wasn’t really shown in the manga; MAPPA was added to that sequence.

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