Dandadan Chapter 101 Release Date and Where to Read


Dandadan Chapter 101 Release Date, Raw Scans and Where to Read


A date has been set for the release of Dandadan Chapter 101. Fans are very excited about the show and can’t wait for it to come out. There will be some time between when the RAW version comes out and when the translated version comes out. This countdown will let you know when Dandadan Chapter 101 will come out.

An Overview of Dandadan Chapter 101

Information Details
Release date for Dandadan Chapter 101 April 10, 2023
Dandadan Chapter 101 Raw Scan release date Two or three days before the chapter release
Where to read Dandadan Chapter 101 MangaPlus or Viz Media are recommended as legal sources
Expectations from Dandadan Chapter 101 Ken may fail at something before he overcomes his flaws with the power of friendship to save someone
Dandadan Chapter 100 Ken is sent to a school to learn that his powers have limits and fights angry spirits with Aira

Dandadan Chapter 101 Release Date

On April 10, 2023, you will be able to read Dandadan Chapter 101 online. Fans of the manga are very happy about this new chapter.

Dandadan Chapter 101 Release Date and Where to Read

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 9 AM
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Noon
  • Central Daylight Time: 11 AM
  • British Summer Time: 5 PM

Dandadan Chapter 101 Raw Scan Release Date

The raw scan of a chapter comes out about two or three days before the chapter itself. Because of this, you can find Dandadan Chapter 101 Raw Scan on websites like 4chan and Reddit.

Where to Read Dandadan Chapter 101?

We suggest you read Dandadan Chapter 101 on MangaPlus or Viz Media. This is a legal source, and it is best to read manga from legal sources because it helps the person who made it and the industry as a whole.

What Can We Expect From Dandadan Chapter 101?

Ken went there to feel more grounded, but I don’t think it will be able to beat your limits and fears very much. He’ll probably fail horribly at something first before he finally has the chance to do something.

Imagine a situation in which Ken will overcome his flaws with the power of friendship when Aira’s life is in danger. No, that wouldn’t work. In Section 56, when Momo was being held back in this way, he couldn’t do anything. Anyway, how could we try to guess that he would suddenly save someone? Most likely, someone should save Ken and the other people so they don’t die.

What Happened in Dandadan Chapter 100?

After the Momo Ayase and Evil Eye had Jin Enjoji episode, Ken is desperate to get back to reality. In fact, even with Turbo Granny’s help, Ken is still weak. After getting turned around somewhere near Mr. Shrimp, Ken ends up getting more grounded on his own. Any way you look at it, Turbo Granny realizes that this is not the way to get more grounded.

Dandadan Chapter 101 Release Date and Where to Read

So, out of pity, she sends him to a school he doesn’t want to go to. She wants him to learn that his powers have limits. But they didn’t come by themselves. All the way to school, Aira Shiratori followed them. Ken and Turbo Granny didn’t want Aira to come along, but Aira couldn’t let her crush, Ken, go without doing what they were doing.

When Turbo Granny started playing piano notes to show Ken what he was missing, Ken realized that he was not like Evil Eye Jin. Even so, that’s not the whole story. Since Turbo Granny, Ken, and Aira aren’t the only ones there, we can assume that there are other people there too. It’s likely that Super Granny knew that by now. So, she took Ken there to help him get more grounded by making him face real hell. Also, there were a lot of angry spirits in that room because Turbo Granny’s piano notes were so annoying.

One Punch Man Chapter 184 Spoilers

Ken and Aira must fight these spirits right now. In fact, they are fighting against these spirits even when they are in their yokai forms. Now, we’ll find out in the next Dandadan chapter 101 if Ken really does want to get more grounded.

Final Words

Dandadan Chapter 101 is set to come out on April 10, 2023, with the RAW version coming out two or three days before the translated version. Expectations from the chapter include Ken failing at something before overcoming his flaws with the power of friendship to save someone. Ken is sent to a school to learn that his powers have limits, but Aira Shiratori follows them and they must fight angry spirits in the room.

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