Who is Tavia Shackles' husband

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Who is Tavia Shackles’ husband? When Did They Get Married? 


The Kansas City Chiefs have rapidly become one of the most valued clubs in the National Football League. Clark Hunt inherited the team from his father, Lamar Hunt.

His father was instrumental in the formation of the AFL and MLS. Clark Hunt assumed his father’s position as owner-operator of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2005.

Clark Hunt is the husband of the beauty queen Tavia Shackles. Growing up, Tavia won the Miss Kansas and Miss Missouri Teen USA pageants. Her CV is rather impressive.

Tavia Shackles attended UMKC and Lee’s Summit High School for high school. She has three children called Gracie, Ava, and Knobel with Clark Hunt.

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Tavia’s earliest memory of meeting Clark Hunt was during her internship with the Kansas City Chiefs. That was when the pair first met. Shortly after their initial meeting, they began dating, and Clark Hunt proposed in 1993.

Tavia and Clark Hunt married when?

Since October 1993, Tavia Shackles and Clark Hunt have been married. According to KSHB, they met when she was a college student interning with the Chiefs, which were then owned by his parents, Lamar Hunt and Norma Hunt. She attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Who is Tavia Shackles' husband? When Did They Get Married? 

She told the television station, “In 1991, I was a college intern in the public relations department, and after the first season-opening luncheon at the end of the summer, we returned to kick off the season.

At the conclusion of that event, a gentleman called Clark approached me and struck up a discussion with me; we had a wonderful exchange and discovered that we have a great deal in common. He asked whether I would be interested in having dinner someday, and the rest is history.”

She said to Her Life Magazine, “We met during the Chiefs’ preseason lunch.” It is ironic that my mother-in-law, Norma Hunt, met Lamar at a luncheon as a volunteer teacher for the team. They had been married 42 years.”

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In October 2021, Tavia Hunt said on Instagram, “After 28 years, I adore him more than ever. He is devoted, patient, kind, and loving. No of the circumstances, a lifetime of love is difficult (because life isn’t simple and selfishness comes too quickly), but it boils down to a daily decision to love, forgive, and be ‘for’ one another.

To choose to perceive the positive qualities in others and disregard their flaws. This is only possible for us via God. “Put love on top of all these qualities, for it is the glue that holds them all together in perfect harmony.”

Tavia Shackles and Clark Hunt’s Kids

Clark and Tavia Hunt are parents of three children. They have three children: Knobel Hunt, Gracelyn “Gracie” Hunt, and Ava Hunt.


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According to her Instagram, Gracie Hunt followed in her mother’s footsteps and participated in the Miss USA pageant after winning Miss Kansas in 2021, ranking in the top 16.

Welcome to the Miss Kansas USA sisterhood!,” Tavia Hunt posted on Instagram. You are a brilliant example of what can be achieved through discipline, concentration, perseverance, and faith.”

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According to her Instagram, Ava Hunt is a student at The Covenant School in Dallas and will graduate in 2024. According to his Instagram, Knobel Hunt attends and plays soccer at SMU.

Tavia Hunt Is the Director of the Chiefs’ Women’s Organization

Instagram indicates that Tavia Hunt is the director of the Chiefs’ Women’s Organization.

In 2017, she told Chiefs.com, “We say football is a family, and it truly is.” “Football brings people together, and we’re thrilled to be here with our extended family and some of our incredible Chiefs wives and their significant others, who are going to show us how they strut.”

Hunt told Her Life Magazine, “We have the finest community and fan following in the country in Kansas City.” Clark and I feel it’s vital to invest in and give back to the community, and we’ve chosen to focus on children and hunger. We are devoted to being present and engaged with our fans and the organizations who support us.”

Hunt told KSHB, “It’s great to see how far women have gone, not just in the NFL or league, but in society as a whole. I was raised by a strong woman, and I intend to do the same.

To learn from Norma’s example and all that she has contributed, and then attempt to leave my stamp on the world while rearing the next generation.

There is no higher satisfaction for a parent than to witness their child lean into the community, desire to make a difference, and love and serve in a way that brings them more joy than the people they are serving. I believe that is very unique and one of our greatest delights.”

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