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Who is Sadie Robertson Married to? Where did She Announce Her Pregnancy?


The Robertson family is apparently not done expanding! Sadie Robertson, one of Duck Dynasty’s younger stars, and her husband Christian Huff just announced the birth of their first child.

Fans of the program were thrilled by the news, but some were left wondering who Christian is and how he plans to sustain his new child.

Who is Sadie Robertson Married to?

Christian’s LinkedIn page says that he is now enrolled at Auburn University. Both he and Sadie are 23 years old, and they are just starting their lives together. Christian will graduate with a degree in business management, which might surely lead to lucrative employment options.

Who is Sadie Robertson Married to? Obviously, it helps that Christian is married to Sadie, whose prominent family provides a great deal of assistance. Duck Dynasty elevated the whole Robertson family to fame and made them all incredibly rich.

Although Christian may not be able to support his family immediately, he probably does not need to worry too much about financial hardship. The Robertsons have ample financial resources.

How Did Sadie Robertson Announce That She Was Pregnant?

Sadie announced her pregnancy to the public on Instagram in October 2020, stating that both she and Christian were overjoyed.

SCREAMING WITH ENTHUSIASM TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION! Darling we already adore you, “She penned the caption with a photo of herself and Christian cuddling on the couch.


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“What I’ve already learned from you is that God is still creating. God is still believing in us. God continues to bring forth LIFE. There is yet hope.”

She said, “How we choose to live will affect your future generation, therefore I want to live my life to the fullest and be loud for you.”

“We are blessed to carry a miracle into the world! Baby, you are already cherished and held in high regard. Can’t wait to welcome you into the world with all the pleasure, hope, and excitement that your wonderful and incredible existence will bring to so many.”

On May 11, 2021, Sadie Gave Birth to Her and Christian’s First Child

Sadie wrote an Instagram post on the birth of her daughter Honey, “We saw a million tiny miracles yesterday, but the best one was this girl right here.”


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She wrote, accompanied by sweet photographs of her in the hospital with Christian and Honey, “Story to come, but I’m far too preoccupied with cuteness for now.”

Christian also posted the news on his Instagram account with the caption “Welcome to the world, precious honey darling!”

Sadie had a difficult time giving birth to Honey since she caught COVID-19 in October 2020 while she was pregnant.

Around that time, she added, “I am aware that everyone handles Covid differently, but these symptoms are quite bizarre. I have certainly battled with this one!”

Fortunately, the celebrity made a full recovery and based on what she disclosed, it appears that baby Honey is also well. We wish Sadie and Christian the best as they begin their journey as parents!

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