Nicki Minajwith her husband

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Who is Nicki Minaj Married to? Everything to Know!

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Nicki Minaj, the Grammy Award-winning rapper, singer, and songwriter, has not only captured the world with her chart-topping hits but also kept fans intrigued with the details of her personal life. Known for her fierce personality and unapologetic attitude, Minaj has always been private about her romantic relationships.

As fans continue to be curious about her love life, let’s explore the latest updates on who Nicki Minaj is currently dating.

Who is Nicki Minaj married to?

Nicki Minaj’s romantic life has been a subject of speculation and gossip throughout her career. In the past, she has been linked to fellow musicians like Safaree Samuels and Meek Mill. However, in December 2018, Nicki surprised fans with an announcement on social media, revealing that she had officially tied the knot with Kenneth Petty, a childhood friend with whom she reconnected.

How did Minaj and Kenneth Petty meet?

Minaj and Petty both attended LaGuardia High School in New York City as children while growing up in Queens. They had a brief relationship at the time but lost contact before reconnecting in 2018.

Nicki Minajwith her husband

Minaj has spoken with Petty about her early years several times. She referred to the romance found in Chance the Rapper’s 2019 single, “Zanies and Fools.” “I met my husband when I was 17 out in Queens. If you love it, let it go; now I know what that means. While he was up North for a body, I bodied everybody and got known for my body,” she says in the chorus of the song.

She shared details about their adolescent romance on Twitter in January 2019. “We were like this about each other since we were very young kids in the neighborhood,” she wrote in her letter. Before the massive ghetto booty, he was on my body. Before money and renown,. I clashed with my lover since I was not his lady. He was innately haughty. In any situation, timing is important.”

When did Petty and Minaj get married?

When Minaj referred to Petty as her “husband” in March 2019, it sparked marriage speculations. The couple married in October 2019. In June of that year, she stated on her Apple Beats 1 show that “we did obtain our marriage license.” “I believe I have achieved precisely what I sought: happiness.” It was incredibly tough to achieve a cheerful state. “I do not wish to compromise that for anyone or anything at this time.”

The rapper stated in August 2019 that the wedding would take place “approximately in eighty days.” “We still had to pick it up, and I was traveling; by the time I came back, we had to renew it again,” she said. “You have ninety days from that date forward to enter into matrimony.” That happened about a week ago, so I now have about 80 days left.”

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The wedding between Minaj and Perry is shrouded in mystery. Minaj later revealed her marital status during a conversation with Lil Wayne on her program.

Do Petty and Minaj Have Kids Together?

The “Super Freaky Girl” rapper and husband Kenneth “Zoo” Petty welcomed their first child, a son, on September 30, 2020.

Nicki Minaj with her husband and son

Minaj claims that since having a mother, she has become “more of a forgiving person.”

“I think motherhood has made me see more good in people, more good in the universe,” she stated during a February 2022 visit to The Late Late Show with James Corden.

“When I look at my son, I’m reminded that I am so blessed,” she said. “I understood that for so many women, this is a dream. Their ambition is to have a child, and not everyone is granted the opportunity. So, when you have a baby, you’re reminded every day, “Oh my God.” “Thank you, God, for this little gift.”

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During an interview with E! News, Minaj revealed that she has suffered “more anxiety” since welcoming her son, whom she refers to publicly as “Papa Bear.” The anxiety is especially strong when she needs to be away from him for an extended period of time.

“I remember being in the U.K. and just bawling,” Minaj said. “And when I attempt to FaceTime him, I get even sadder. So I try not to FaceTim him because it is tough to put the phone down afterward.”

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