Who is Josie Redmond? Is Leonardo Dicaprio Dating Her?

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Who is Josie Redmond? Is Leonardo Dicaprio Dating Her?


Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio was photographed out and about with Josie Redmond in London, which fueled rumors of a romance.

Many encounters of the duo occurred around the city as reports swirled that they were dating.

Dating Rumours Around Leonardo Dicaprio and Josie Redmond

On Wednesday morning, it was claimed that Leonardo DiCaprio and model Josie Redmond departed a party venue. His attire was designed to make him appear anonymous to onlookers.

Leonardo DiCaprio, 49, leaves restaurant with model Josie Redmond, 21 | Metro News

Leonardo DiCaprio was recently photographed with 21-year-old American model Josie Redmond, and he is notorious for dating females under the age of 25.

The actor and model were photographed exiting the Chiltern Firehouse, a celebrity hangout, early on Wednesday morning.

To avoid being photographed by the paparazzi, Leonardo kept a low profile and attempted to conceal as much of his face as possible by wearing a grey mask and a black hat. The actor was photographed wearing a black pullover and dark blue pants.

In addition to her leather leggings, Josie wore a long coat, leather leggings, and a transparent top while wearing an all-black ensemble.

She completed her stunning appearance with a pair of black boots with a hefty heels. According to the reports, Leo and Josie were both seen leaving the venue in the early hours of Wednesday.

Recent connections between the actor and models half his age have sparked controversy on social media

Leo is eager to put to rest rumors that he dates women who are much younger than he is. The fact that Leo is going out is a relief.

Who is Josie Redmond? Leonardo DiCaprio parties with 21-year-old model

Because the actor has recently been linked to models half his age, news of his profile with a former rumored girlfriend, the 19-year-old model Eden Polani, has caused a social media storm, with news of his profile of the model becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

As of a few days ago, there were also rumors that the actor from “Titanic” didn’t like how the press always made jokes and assumptions about his love life.

After a string of failed relationships with men, the actor is also said to be desperate to find a woman with whom he can have a serious relationship.

Who Is Josie Redmond?

Josie has been a fashion model for a few years. She is in her early 20s. Several news organizations have said that she is 21 years old. But her Instagram bio says she was born in 1998, which could be true.

She is a “Southern-style American model with a touch of Southern charm,” according to her Freedom Models page. She is from Tennessee.


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Josie is currently based in Los Angeles, California, where she is trying to make a living as a model. According to her bio, she also likes to travel, watch sunsets, and go hiking with her dog when she has some free time.

Throughout her career, Josie has worked with a lot of well-known brands, such as 7 For All Mankind, Paige Denim, Elyse Walke, and Luv AJ. Josie’s modeling career keeps her busy, and because of this, she often travels to different cities and countries.

This is easy to see on her personal Instagram page, which is updated regularly. It’s no accident that her profile is full of pictures from her trips to beautiful places like Ibiza, Punta De Mita, Mexico, and many other beautiful places around the world.

She has a lot of followers because she regularly posts photos of herself from modeling photoshoots, trips, and with her family in Tennessee.

In 2017, when she walked for @sherrihill for the first time at her first NYFW runway show, she wrote on her Instagram page, “What an absolute dream it was to walk for @sherrihill! So happy to be able to work with all these wonderful people.”

When the two were seen together, it sent shock waves through the internet, and fans began to wonder if they were dating.

Even though neither DiCaprio nor Redmond has said anything about their relationships, many people are wondering if this could be the start of a new love story for the two stars.

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