Who Is Clare Crawley's Husband? Everything About Ryan Dawkins

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Who Is Clare Crawley’s Husband? Everything About Ryan Dawkins


Here is all you need to know about Clare Crawley’s husband, including his children and his work.

Who Is Clare Crawley’s Husband? Everything About Ryan Dawkins. Clare Crawley has found love! The longtime Bachelor Nation celebrity announced her engagement to Mascot Sports CEO Ryan Dawkins in October 2022, and the couple wed in February 2023, following a highly public quest for love.

“I am quite happy!” Crawley revealed the proposal of Dawkin exclusively to PEOPLE. “This was the last thing I anticipated right now, especially given my position a year ago. Since the very beginning, Ryan has been by my side on this arduous trip.”

Regarding her wedding day, the bride shares with PEOPLE: “If I had to repeat this every day for the rest of my life… I would not alter anything!” She adds, “By far the happiest day of my life!”

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Although the precise date of their first meeting is unknown, their relationship dates back at least a year prior to their Instagram announcement on September 6. In the subsequent weeks, Crawley and Dawkins have been all grins and adorable PDA.

The announcement of Crawley’s romance followed her second breakup with Dale Moss in September 2021. The couple gets engaged only weeks after meeting on The Bachelorette. In addition, she was engaged to Benoit Beauséjour-Savard after the Bachelor Winter Games of 2018 concluded.

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Personal and professional background information about Crawley’s husband Dawkin is provided.

When did they announce their romance?

Dawkins and Crawley made their relationship public on Instagram on September 6, but this was not the beginning of their relationship. A pinned remark on the Bachelor alum’s engagement page claimed that she had been in a relationship since 2021.

“Finally. A year later, you two are still so f—ing adorable “the remark said.

Clare Crawley’s husband would prefer to keep his profile private

The appearance of his private Instagram page suggests that Crawley’s husband wants to keep his personal life secret. Despite appearing on Crawley’s Instagram since he and the former reality star made their romance public and wed, Crawley told PEOPLE that Dawkins “doesn’t care” about fame and attention.

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She stated, “Really, what he wants is my heart, and he is so constant and expressive about how much he loves me.” “I have never experienced this before… He has been such a blessing in my life.”

He’s a father of two lovely Children

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Despite having a private Instagram page, he provides certain information in his bio, including his family history. His bio includes the emoji of two people standing side-by-side, showing that he is the father of two girls.

Dawkins responded to a fan question about his daughters on Crawley’s Instagram Story on October 17, 2022. The question was, “What do your daughters think of Clare as their stepmother?”

He answered, addressing his then-fiancée with his response “Oh my goodness, they are so infatuated with you. They adore you immensely.”

He is an excellent athlete

In addition to a brief mention of the history of his sport in his Instagram bio, Dawkins describes his athletic engagement on LinkedIn. The “competitive athlete” has participated in many Ironman competitions, according to his professional biography.

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In addition to being competitive, he is also successful: His four-person team finished second in the Race Across America, which ran from San Diego to Atlantic City.

Professional Career

As a 25-year-old graduate student at San Francisco State University, Dawkins pursued his passion for athletics by establishing a career in sports. He was the president and creator of Project Sport, a running and cycling-focused sports marketing and event production firm.

In 2014, Raceforce, LCC bought the business. Since then, he has transferred his talents to Mascot Sports, where he serves as CEO. According to Dawkin’s LinkedIn, the company represents customers in sponsorship planning, experiential marketing, and athlete representation.

How many times did he propose to Crawley?


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Dawkins not only proposed to Crawley during the RiSE Festival but also in front of her mother, who is suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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“We returned to Sacramento, and he — this makes me want to weep every time — asked my mother for her blessing again, went down on one knee again, and proposed to me again in front of my mother, which is very lovely,” Crawley said on The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast.

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