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Who is Brooke Burke Dating? Meet Her Fiance, Scott Rigsby!

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Brooke Burke is a name synonymous with beauty, talent, and grace in the world of entertainment. As a television host, actress, and model, she has captured the hearts of millions over the years. However, beyond her professional achievements, fans often wonder about her personal life, particularly her romantic relationships.

The Dancing with the Stars alum, recently revealed how she became ‘tempted’ to share a romance with Derek Hough. He was her dancing partner on the show, according to the newcomers.

Leaving that aside, what viewers are most concerned about is Brooke’s love relationship. In this article, we delve into the intriguing question of who Brooke Burke is currently dating.

Who Is Brooke Burke?

Brooke Burke is a Hartford, Connecticut-born television personality. She first gained prominence as the host of the popular travel and adventure series, “Wild On!” and later became a household name as the host of the iconic reality show “Dancing with the Stars.” Her work in these and other television ventures has earned her critical acclaim and numerous awards.

Brooke Burke is an entrepreneur as well. She released her fitness app, “Brooke Burke Body.” She also has excellent acting abilities. Her other film and television credits include The War at Home, Less Than Perfect, It’s All Relative, and Las Vegas.

In terms of Brooke Burke’s personal life, she has already been married twice to Garth Fisher and David Charvet. In 2020, she was done with her unsuccessful marriages. However, she has been romantically involved with someone since 2019 and is now engaged. Let’s know who is he.

Who Is Brooke Burke Dating?

When it comes to love, Brooke Burke is now dating Scott Rigsby. They’ve been dating since August 2021.

They are no longer casually sharing a romance, but are deeply dedicated to each other. In other words, as the title implies, Brooke Burke is now with Scott Rigsby.

Scott Rigsby is the founding member of Industry Partners, a real estate firm situated in Santa Monica. Rigsby is said to have substantial real estate knowledge and has worked with Industry Partners for 11 years after co-founding it in 2010.

Who Is Brooke Burke Dating

Scott Rigsby was the vice president of Lee & Associates/West Los Angeles, according to his profile information on the Industry Partners website. He’s also noted for his “work environments and adaptive reuse projects in West Los Angeles.”

Scott has a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from the University of Arizona, according to his LinkedIn profile. Scott is currently residing in Pacific Palisades.

According to Brooke Burke’s interviews, Scott has two children from a prior relationship. “One of the things I admire most about him is that he has two children.” Our children are getting to know each other because he is really kind, responsible, and devoted.”

Who is Scott Rigby’s Ex-Wife?

While Rigsby’s dating history is unknown, Radar stated that he was married once previously.

Rigsby and his ex-wife, Heather LaCombe, a former model turned interior designer, split in 2019.

Rigsby was ordered to pay her $400,000 in divorce settlement and $8,500 in monthly child support, according to the media outlet.

Brooke Burke and Scott Rigsby’s Love Story

In August 2019, the “Intimate Knowledge” podcast host and real estate developer began dating. In November 2019, just three months after Burke announced their relationship, the couple appeared on the red carpet at Operation Smile’s Hollywood Fight Night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Who Is Brooke Burke Dating

She bragged about her then-boyfriend at the Women’s Guild Cedars-Sinai Annual Luncheon at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel before they hit the red carpet. Brooke told reporters at the time that her children “really liked” Scott.

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Burke told Closer in October 2020 that she could “definitely” see herself marrying Rigsby, but she didn’t have a timetable in mind.

Best wishes to Brooke Burke in her future endeavors. e hope that her love with Scott Rigsby will last forever this time.

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