Who is Shauna Rae’s Boyfriend? Is Shauna Rae dating Dan?

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Who is Shauna Rae’s Boyfriend? Is Shauna Rae dating Dan?


Shauna Rae’s Boyfriend: I Am Shauna Rae is a reality series on TLC that follows 23-year-old Shauna Rae, who states that she is “trapped” in the body of an 8-year-old.

Shauna was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was just six months old. Fortunately, chemotherapy saved her life, but it also put her pituitary gland “nearly inactive” and permanently stunted her growth.

As the audience learns more about Shauna, who has pituitary dwarfism, they gain insight into her current situation. Many are curious about the 23-year-romantic old’s status. Continue reading to learn more about Shauna Rae’s love life.

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Who is Shauna Rae’s Boyfriend?

I Am Shauna Rae highlights Shauna’s life at home in Pennsylvania with her parents and two sisters. Audiences are taken into Shauna’s life as the show shows her everyday problems of looking like a child while exerting her adult freedom by purchasing a drink, getting a tattoo, taking a pole dancing lesson, and going on dates.

Speaking of dating, does Shauna currently have a significant other? In the series, the brunette says that she is currently single.

Who is Shauna Rae’s Boyfriend? Is Shauna Rae dating Dan?

“It is scary to put myself out there, but you have to take risks to find happiness,” she says as she ponders what to write in the bio of her online dating site.

It appears that some of Shauna’s dates will be depicted on-screen, albeit it is uncertain how successful they will be. In the teaser, we see Shauna on a blind date with a man who first believes he is being “punked” by her look.

“My romantic life is quite dismal. I suppose I’ve dated, like, seven people, “She concedes. “I attract creeps, asshats, you know, the average bad boy, and fools.”

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In an interview with People, she elaborated on the qualities she seeks in a mate. “I must have face-to-face chats before we can even consider going on a date. I must know this individual’s public behavior. I can’t date someone if they can’t handle all my problems “She stated, That is asking a lot of someones.

In the second season, Shauna went on a promising date with Thomas

In the premiere episode of Season 2 of I Am Shauna Rae, she went on a date with Thomas, a volunteer fireman who also has pituitary dwarfism. The two were introduced through a matchmaker, which led to an endearing blind date at the firehouse.

Before meeting Thomas, Shauna says, “I’m a bit anxious, but I’m also quite happy to meet someone who’s been through something very similar to me.” “I’m curious about the parallels and contrasts.”

Shauna is first concerned because Thomas, at 4-foot-8, is nearly a foot taller than she is. However, their differences do not end there, and Shauna hopes that viewers will see that a shared illness is not sufficient to establish a love relationship.

She recalls, “I felt more like I was on a firehouse tour than a date.”

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Despite their differences, the duo connected over shared aspirations to become homeowners in the future. In a really moving moment, Thomas and Shauna explained how others had mistreated them because of their disabilities. Thomas informed Shauna that he does not allow others’ nastiness to define him, which she found tremendously encouraging.

Is Shauna Rae dating Dan?

Later in Season 2 of her TLC show, Shauna’s encounter with a new man was highlighted. She stated on the show, “Recently, I’ve been communicating with a man named Dan, and we’ve been conversing for a while.” “He has actually visited once before, but this will be the first time we spend this much time together, and it will also be the first time he meets my mother.”

Who is Shauna Rae’s Boyfriend? Is Shauna Rae dating Dan?

Shauna’s mother Patty and stepfather Mark had several questions for Dan while he prepared sushi at their home. They questioned Dan, who enjoys traveling if he would expect Shauna to accompany him if they began dating.

Dan added, “I believe travel will always play a significant role in my life.” “So I will constantly be on the go… I would want to offer Shauna the opportunity to travel and see new cultures and locations. Therefore, I would want to show her an excellent place in the globe.”

However, after a series of rapid-fire questions, Mark appeared to approve of Dan.

“I believe Dan would be a great match for Shauna since he is very intelligent and adventurous, whereas Shauna is intelligent but not particularly adventurous,” he remarked. I believe he could force her out of her comfort zone while yet making her feel secure.

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