Paul Walter Hauser's wife, Amy Boland: When They Married?

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Paul Walter Hauser’s wife, Amy Boland: When They Married?


The 80th Golden Globe Awards of 2023 were a monumental occasion for Paul Walter Hauser.

Not only did he win an award, but he also strolled down the red carpet with his expectant wife, Amy Boland, to announce that they would become parents again. The Black Bird actor first claimed that his second son will be born in December 2022.

He published a photo collage from the baby shower and disclosed he was expecting a second son. In the captions, he wrote, “Thank you, Lord God, for a rekindled marriage, an unborn child, a year of sobriety, celebrations, and artistic chances. Thank you 2022🐢>🐇.”

Boland displayed her baby belly alongside her husband on the red carpet at the 80th Golden Globe Awards in 2023. Hauser clutched his wife’s baby belly while the couple grinned for the camera.

The year 2021 marks the birth of Hauser and Boland’s son, Harris. The couple has been together since 2019 and has had two children in less than three years of marriage.

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Paul Walter Hauser’s wife, Amy Boland

In 2019, Hauser first met his wife. On the occasion of their one-year anniversary, Boland revealed the moment she first met the actor on Instagram.

Since their first meeting at a restaurant in downtown Atlanta, Hauser had captivated Boland. She told her friends that the woman who married Hauser would be “the luckiest woman in the world.”

Inside Paul Walter Hauser And Wife Amy Boland's Marriage

She stated, “He loved Jesus, his family, and making others happy. My heart was so pulled to his because I could see he was the sweetest man I had ever met.

Thankfully, she was the luckiest girl alive. She wrote of her impatience to pursue Jesus, life, and adventure with her hubby.

“I don’t believe I could love you more, yet I do so every day. With you at my side, my life is going to be lovely and amazing. “I’m so excited to be the woman you marry,” she concluded.

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The couple get engaged in June 2020. Boland documented the occasion on Instagram, displaying her engagement ring.

She vowed to adore her partner for the remainder of her life. She raved about her love for Hauser and added, “I pledge to love you forever. @pwhauser, you are incomparably more than I could have ever wished, dreamed, or asked for.”

Boland admired Hauser’s great heart and described him as the “sweetest gift from Jesus and a breathtaking illustration of God’s faithfulness and beauty from ashes.”

“I pray that our union will be a beacon of light, happiness, and optimism. I pray that the world will know and see Jesus better as a result of our union. She said, “I hope most of all that we are like the trees of righteousness in Isaiah 61, shown for His glory and majesty.

On July 23, 2020, one year after the meeting and one month after being engaged, the couple wed. In 2021, they had their first child, Harris, one year later. They are expecting further children and look forward to expanding their family.

Paul Walter Hauser’s Children

In April 2022, Hauser disclosed on Instagram that he has always desired to become a father. He published a photo of Harris and spoke about his son’s perfection.

He remarked, “I could not have imagined, wished for, or imagined how charming and precious this child is. It is God-authored material.”

Similarly, in October 2022, he shared a photo of himself with his children and wife while reflecting on the previous years of his life. He expressed gratitude for his life and praised his wife for making him a parent letter.

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He praised God for enabling him to be a father and added, “I submitted to God and became clean; I’m now in a committed relationship with the love of my life; and I’m the father of two new loves I never thought I’d have.”

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