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Norma Hunt Family: How Did Norma Hunt Meet Her Husband, Lamar Hunt?

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Norma Hunt’s family is saddened by her passing. Norma was the wife of the late Lamar Hunt, the founder, and owner of the Kansas City Chiefs. Here you may learn more about her and her family.

The First Lady of Football Norma attended every single Super Bowl, including the 2018 win by her beloved Kansas City Chiefs. Mrs. Hunt was devoted to her children and husband. The late Norma Hunt, 85, was a “wonderful mother, grandmother, and extraordinary woman,” according to a statement released by her family.

Norma Hunt Family: How Did Norma Hunt Meet Her Husband, Lamar Hunt?

Norma Hunt (née Knobel) is the widow of the late Kansas City Chiefs founder and owner Lamar Hunt, who passed away on December 13, 2006, in Dallas from complications related to prostate cancer. Among the most successful businesspeople in history was Lamar Hunt. He gained notoriety for his efforts to popularize football, tennis, and soccer in the United States.

In 1960, after the NFL turned down Mr. Hunt’s offer to sell him a club, he created the American Football League. He also established the North American Soccer League (NASL) and Major League Soccer (MLS). The Kansas City Wizards of Major League Soccer were also owned by the co-founder of World Championship Tennis. Mr. Hunt owned the Columbus Crew and the FC Dallas of Major League Soccer when he passed away.

Norma Hunt Family

The United States Open Cup, which was first played in 1914, is now named after him for his groundbreaking work in the sport. Both the International Tennis Hall of Fame (1993) and the National Soccer Hall of Fame (1982) have inducted Mr. Hunt as a member. In the same vein, he entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1972.

In addition, the late Kansas City Chiefs’ founder was an Arkansas native, with roots in El Dorado. He was the scion of oil tycoon H.L. Hunt. He had two successful businessmen for older brothers: Nelson Bunker Hunt and William Herbert Hunt.

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Lamar Hunt attended Culver Military Academy after growing up in Dallas. In addition, he earned a degree in geology from Southern Methodist University. Norma’s late husband played football in college and loved watching games.

Lamar and Norma Hunt’s Marital Past History

Norma Hunt was Lamar Hunt’s second wife. The couple’s 42-year marriage was the longest in history. Rosemary Carr was Lamar Hunt’s first wife. As young adults, the former couple met at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Norma Hunt Family

After marrying in 1956 and having two children together, Hunt and Carr divorced the following year, in 1962. Norma and Lamar ran into each other later. They were so in love at first sight that they got married in 1964. Norma was the hostess and teacher for the Dallas Texans. After Lamar passed away, Norma remarried.

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Children of Norma Hunt: Clark and Daniel Hunt

They were married for four decades and had two sons, Clark, and Daniel Hunt.

Lamar Hunt Jr. and Sharron Munson were the children Norma’s late husband had with his previous wife. Clark was appointed chairman of the Kansas City Chiefs and FC Dallas by Lamar Hunt’s siblings after he passed away.

Although Norma Hunt and the Hunt children are the legal owners of the team, Clark attends and speaks for the team at all league owner meetings and handles all day-to-day operations.


Norma Hunt was the wife of Lamar Hunt, the founder, and owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, and was devoted to her children and husband. Lamar Hunt was inducted into the International Tennis, National Soccer, and Pro Football Halls of Fames, and was the founder of the Kansas City Chiefs and FC Dallas.

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