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Who is Nick Bosa’s Girlfriend? Meet Lauren Maenner!

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Being a member of such a prominent NFL organization as the San Francisco 49ers necessitates extraordinary talent and dedication. Nick Bosa possesses both of these talents, which run in his family; his father is former NFL defensive end John Bosa, and his brother Joey Bosa is likewise a strong force on defense.

Given his youth, there is no doubt that Nick has many more years on the pitch to demonstrate his best qualities.

Off the field, Nick Bosa has faced his fair share of issues. Only last year did rumors leak that he and his then-girlfriend, Jenna Berman, had split up. However, it appears that he has found love again and hasn’t been single for very long.

The younger Bosa is allegedly back on track in his personal life, as he has a new partner who appears to be approved by his mother as well.

Who is Nick Bosa’s girlfriend?

Nick Bosa’s girlfriend is Lauren Maenner, a Philadelphia-born model. Their relationship was initially confirmed in the fall of 2023.

Lauren Maenner’s precise birth date is unknown, but most sources place her birthday sometime between September and October 1997. This would make her 26 years old in February 2024.

Nick Bosa's Girlfriend

Lauren Maenner is a public relations professional who presently works as an account manager at Ascend Agency, according to her LinkedIn profile and website. She is also a model who collaborates with brands like OhPolly, Princess Polly, Oral Essentials, and others on social media platforms such as Instagram.

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According to her bio, she enjoys connecting with people, which is why she works in brand and public relations. To demonstrate how she engages with her many brands, she is continuously publishing new content, including videos, and is always up to date on the current trends.

When did Nick Bosa and Lauren Maenner begin dating?

Bosa and Maenner are quite discreet about their relationship, therefore they haven’t revealed any information about when they met. The first public clue came in December 2022, when Maenner posted an Instagram photo of herself attending a San Diego Chargers game.

Maenner captioned the photo, “Chargers are the second favorite team OK,” implying that her actual allegiance is with the 49ers. So it’s likely that the couple had already started dating by this point, especially since Maenner went to the game with Amanda Kassdikian, Nick’s older brother Joey Bosa’s fiancée.

Nick Bosa's Girlfriend

It wasn’t until October 2023 that Nick’s mother, Cheryl Bosa, revealed the couple’s relationship. “I love my son’s girlfriends!!! “#mamabearscublets,” Cheryl captioned an Instagram photo of Maenner and Kassdikian wearing 49ers shirts.

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Since then, Bosa and Maenner have kept their relationship quiet, not sharing images of each other on social media. Maenner did post a photo of her and Bosa cuddling as part of a wider series from the summer of 2023, but his face is only partially visible in the modest photograph.

Who has Nick Bosa Dated in the Past?

Jenna Alexa Berman, an established model, and TikTok sensation, was Nick Bosa’s girlfriend until late 2022, when the couple broke up. Due to her popularity in those locations, she has a large social media following.

Jenna attended Florida Atlantic University after growing up in South Florida. Her relationship with Nick began in 2021, and while everything appeared to be going well, less than a year later, they announced their breakup.

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