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Madelyn Cline Dating: Her Happy Love Life with Jackson Guthy!


People are interested in who Madelyn Cline is dating and if she has a new boyfriend since she broke up with her Outer Banks co-star, Chase Stokes.

From 2020 to 2021, Cline dated Stokes, who plays Sarah Cameron’s love interest, John Booker Routledge, on the Netflix show Outer Banks. Since then, Jackson Guthy, Zack Bia, and Ross Butler have all been linked to Cline. In a February 2023 interview with Today, Cline talked about why she decided to keep her relationships private after she and Stokes broke up in 2021.

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Is Madelyn Cline Single or Dating?

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Madelyn is a taken woman! During an interview with The Cut in December 2022, it was announced that she has a boyfriend. Nevertheless, the name of such significant other was not provided.

Is She Dating Jackson Guthy?

In May 2022, speculations of the actress and singer’s relationship began to circulate. Madelyn was observed attending a wedding with Jackson as her date, and images were then released on TikTok.

Jackson ostensibly revealed their romantic connection on December 21, 2022, when he posted a birthday message to Madelyn on his Instagram Stories. In the photograph, Madelyn is cradling Jackson’s face while sitting on his lap as they gaze affectionately at one another.

Madelyn Cline Dating

In a February 2023 interview with Cosmopolitan, Cline said that she had “never been happier” than when she was with Guthy. “I am happily taken. I only know that he makes me very happy. She said, “I’ve never been happier, and I feel very, very strong.” She went on, “Love is close. When you find something like that, you have to fight for it. And you fight to keep it, you know?” When Cosmopolitan told her that love “changes your life in the most beautiful way,” Cline said, “Yes, it does. I probably have a red face right now.” In February 2023, a source told People magazine that Guthy was Cline’s date at the season 3 premiere of Outer Banks, where the two were seen kissing and cuddling.

Relationship Rumors with Olivia Jade


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Prior to his rumored relationship with Madelyn, the singer dated YouTube actress Olivia Jade from 2019 until August 2021.

Why did Madeleine Cline and Chase Stokes Break Up?

Madelyn and Chase dated for around a year before to their separation in November 2021. Neither celebrity has disclosed the cause of their split. But, while they were together, the Stranger Things guest actors spoke openly about separating their professional and personal lives.

During an interview with V Man in July 2021, Chase stated, “Our relationship is really healthy since it began with the work.” “As soon as we begin work on the second season, we will support one another.

We will be scene partners and look out for one other at sensitive moments. But it doesn’t mean I won’t call you out if I don’t believe you, and she holds me to the same standard.

But, as soon as we return to our trailers and remove our character makeup and costumes, it’s as if that world vanishes. I’m really grateful for her and the adventure we’re on; it’s been incredible.”

Despite their separation, the ex-collaboration couple on Outer Banks seasons 3 was not unusual.

Both of us are experts. We’ve been together from day one,” Madelyn told W Magazine in August 2022. “Outer Banks is a large family, but at the end of the day, we’re professional and perform our jobs.”

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