Who is Lily Collins’ Husband, Charlie McDowell? Meet the Director and Writer

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Who is Lily Collins’ Husband, Charlie McDowell?


Who is Lily Collins’ Husband, Charlie McDowell?: Lily Collins is currently married, you all. Since September 2021, the actress from The Mortal Instruments has been married to filmmaker and screenwriter Charlie McDowell. Learn what we know about Charlie by reading on.

Lily Collins is married to who?

Lily and Charlie began dating in 2019, were engaged in September 2020, and wed on September 30, 2021. Lily posted an Instagram photo of her hubby on their anniversary exactly one year later.

Who is Lily Collins’ Husband, Charlie McDowell? Meet the Director and Writer

Again, she captioned her image, “Thank you for being my rock, my continuous source of love and laughter, and my emotional support throughout our time here.”

“Our faces sum up the entire season. Together, we surely know how to work hard and play hard. I adore you beyond measure, @charliemcdowell, and I could not have succeeded without you… “

About Charlie McDowell

It may come as a surprise to learn that both Charlie, 39, and Lily, 33, have renowned parents. Charlie is the son of British actor Malcolm McDowell and American actress Mary Steenburgen, well known for her appearances in The Proposal, Step Brothers, Elf, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and Back to the Future: Part II.

2014 marked Charlie’s directorial debut with the film The One I Love, which starred Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass. Since then, he has directed episodes of series such as The Discovery, On Becoming a God in Central Florida, Silicon Valley, Dear White People, Tales from the Loop, and Dispatches. He directed the Netflix film Windfall, in which Lily and Jason Segal appeared.

Who is Lily Collins’ Husband, Charlie McDowell? Meet the Director and Writer

“I kept forgetting that we were married because he treats everyone equally and is such an actor’s director,” Lily told The Hollywood Reporter of her husband’s direction on Windfall.

“His communication style was so natural that it seemed as natural as usual. But I’ve always considered him my director. Obviously, returning home late at night to discuss the day is different.”

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Charlie also discussed his working experience with his wife. “She is a chameleon,” he said to the publication. “She is extremely kind and considerate to everyone, yet she can also portray a scenario with a tragic turn.

To experience that with her and to be so creative together was something completely new for us, but really meaningful.


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His upcoming film, Gilded Rage, will include Lily and be based on the notorious murder of investment banker Thomas Gilbert Sr. Bill Skarsgrd and Christoph Waltz will also feature alongside Lily.

Case Study Films was announced on November 17, 2022, by Lily, Charlie, and independent producer Alex Orlovsky.

Lily stated in a statement obtained by Variety that Case Study Films are about cooperation and narrative. “We approach our collaborations from all facets of the filmmaking industry, developing an idea from conception through distribution, alongside both established talent and fresh, innovative voices. Our aim is that this will develop into a unique one-stop store for creatives.”

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