Lauren London Dating: Also Explore Her Past Relationship

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Lauren London Dating: Also Explore Her Past Relationship


We met Lauren London for the first time in an episode of Everybody Hates Chris. Shortly after that, she was in her first full-length movie with T.I. Today, Lauren’s long list of accomplishments speaks for itself, and her new movie with Michael B. Jordan shows that she is no longer the gum-chewing teenager we met in ATL.

Lauren London’s Dating History

Nipsey Hussle, the father of Lauren’s now 4-year-old son, was in a long-term relationship with her until he died in November 2019. In 2013, Lauren reached out to the rapper on social media to buy copies of his popular mixtape “Crenshaw.” That’s how the two of them first met.

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After following each other online, the rapper, who owned the Marathon Clothing store, reached out to Lauren to meet in person. In an interview with GQ, she said, “At the time, I wasn’t seeing anyone or doing any of those things.

We met because I wanted to get a box of clothes he gave me after I bought a couple of copies of “Crenshaw.” When I got to his shop at Crenshaw and Slauson, he asked, “Do you want to hang out?”

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“We had talked on the phone for about eight hours before that, but this was the first time we met in person. We started hanging out every day for a few weeks, and then I realized that we never went out to dinner and had a real first date. After that, it was… easy. It just felt right that we were in each other’s lives,” she said.

Before the rapper died, Lauren and Nipsey had a blended family that included their son Kross, Nipsey’s daughter Emani, and Lauren’s oldest son Kameron Carter from a previous relationship with rapper Lil Wayne.

Lauren London’s Past Relationship

Prior to her romance with Nipsey, Lauren London dated Lil Wayne intermittently between 1998 and 2009. In a rare interview, Lauren, who was 15 when she met the rapper, discussed her prior connection with Lil Wayne.

She stated, “I’ve known him for a very long time, and we had a failed relationship. Despite several attempts and a short engagement years ago, we ultimately ended our relationship.

People mistake his ‘Lil Wayne’ persona for his actual identity. The father of my son is an intellectual, compassionate, and lovable individual who will always be a great friend. “That’s all”

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Lauren was romantically linked to rapper Neef Buck and professional skateboarder Terry Kennedy in between her sporadic relationships with Lil Wayne and other individuals. Later, people speculated she was dating Trey Songz, a rumor she finally rejected.

After her breakup with Lil Wayne, Lauren was purportedly linked romantically to Trey Songz

After concluding her relationship with Lil Wayne, reports circulated that she was dating Trey Songz, which Lauren subsequently denied, stating, “We are not together. Just now, we snapped a photo together. I know him and he’s a lovely guy, so it makes me giggle.”

Later, Trey Songz implied that the two had been romantically involved and claimed that he had fallen in love with Lauren during their time together, but Lauren never replied publicly to the singer’s accusations.

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