JoJo Siwa Dating History: is JoJo Siwa Dating Avery Cyrus?

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JoJo Siwa Dating History: is JoJo Siwa Dating Avery Cyrus?


Recently, JoJo Siwa revealed her new relationship with TikTok sensation Avery Cyrus. Regarding her romantic history, JoJo Siwa has only had a handful of public relationships. Although the Dance Moms alum grew up in the public glare, she did not reveal her romantic relationships until 2020.

We learned that JoJo was in a relationship when she accepted a prom-posal from a TikTok user.

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Who Is JoJo Siwa?

It is estimated that JoJo Siwa has over 60.5 million social media followers and over 3.6 billion YouTube views. She is a digital superstar, a singer, a television and film star, a best-selling book, and an online sensation with more than 60,500,000 social media followers.

Her tracks “Boomerang” and “Kid in a Candy Store” were featured on two seasons of Dance Moms alongside her mother, Jessalynn Siwa. She has also participated in other projects.


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At only 18 years old, JoJo has shown to be a formidable force in the consumer products industry. More than 80 million versions of her renowned JoJo Siwa bow have been sold worldwide to date.

The former Dance Moms reality TV star, who enjoys jazz, hip hop, and other dance genres, is currently participating in the 30th season of Dancing with the Stars, making history as the first celebrity from our generation to dance with a partner of the same gender.

The J Team, a new live-action musical that she will star in and executive produce, will premiere on Paramount+. In addition to her roles as executive producer and creative director, she also serves as executive director for the series Siwa’s Dance Pop Revolution with Peacock.

In 2020, it was revealed that she will be among Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.

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Is JoJo Siwa Dating Anyone?

Kylie Prew and JoJo Siwa broke their romance after over a year of dating. Due to the fact that she had spent most of the evening on the dance floor, she had difficulty maintaining her concentration.


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Recently, the celebrity disclosed that she is dating Avery Cyrus and confirmed their relationship. Avery Cyrus is among the most popular TikTok stars. The Dance Moms alum posted a TikTok video of herself and her boyfriend kissing with the phrase “happiest girl” on September 12.

JoJo Siwa Past Dating History

When Mills’ old tweets began to reappear, there was a great deal of mystery around them. It has been revealed that Mills had previously posted and liked a number of pro-Trump and anti-trans posts.

As part of a Kendrick Lamar costume, the 18-year-old student was accused of cultural appropriation for imitating the rapper’s haircut with artificial cornrows.

Prior to the rumored romance between Kylie Prew and Mills, she had been publicly linked to Kylie Prew and Mark Bontempo. Her close friend Elliot Brown was also said to be dating JoJo, however, she quickly disputed these rumors.

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Jojo Siwa and Avery Cyrus’ Relationship

After recording a mukbang together on TikTok at the beginning of August, rumors began to circulate that the couple was romantically involved. During that moment, witnesses observed a blue kiss mark on JoJo’s cheek, sparking rumors of a possible romantic involvement between the two.

Jojo Siwa and Avery Cyrus' Relationship

Since then, they have been seen together many times. Avery and JoJo were sighted together in Disneyland, and Avery accompanied her family on a joint trip to Iowa with JoJo’s family.

Jojo Siwa and Katie Mills’s Relationship

JoJo Siwa has been in the public eye since she was a very young child, yet despite this, she maintains her private life extremely private. Recently, she was spotted at a Lakers game with her girlfriend, Katie Mills.

Mills and Jojo were positioned front and center when Jae Crowder almost collided with them as she sat next to the girls. It is fortunate that the accident might have been prevented since both the girls and the athlete escaped unharmed.

Jojo Siwa and Katie Mills's Relationship

In the subsequent TikTok uploads, Jojo posted a couple of her images with Mills, during which the two enjoyed a passionate kiss, with Mills kissing JoJo on the cheek in one of the posts.

Fans quickly learned that Mills’ VSCO account had been compromised and that she and a buddy had visited Disneyland shortly after the event.

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As soon as the remarks from Mills’ Twitter account resurfaced, however, fans began to criticize the couple dating. It appears that Mills made many tweets explaining what had occurred and apologizing for her prior actions. However, it does not appear that was sufficient to sustain the connection.

JoJo Siwa and Mark Bontempo’s Relationship

JoJo Siwa and Mark Bontempo have been in a romantic relationship since May 2020. A July 2020 Tiktok post by the celebrity indicated a relationship between the two. Initially, the existence of the connection was kept a secret.

JoJo Siwa and Mark Bontempo's Relationship

Jojo posted a TikTok video with the tagline “Meet Mark” on August 2, 2020, in which she presented Mark to the public for the first time. The couple’s romance ended in November, and JoJo’s subsequent statement indicated that it was due to their divergent professional trajectories.

Regarding their relationship, I am excited to see what the pair has in store for us in the future. They have our best wishes for their future endeavors. We will keep you informed of further celebrity rumors, so stay tuned.

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