Did Joey King and Jacob Elordi date

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When Did Joey King and Jacob Elordi Date? Everything About Their Breakup!

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In the world of Hollywood, where celebrity relationships are often under the spotlight, the alleged romantic involvement between actors Jacob Elordi and Joey King has been the subject of much speculation and curiosity.

The pair first gained widespread attention for their roles in the teen romantic comedy “The Kissing Booth,” leading fans to wonder if their on-screen chemistry translated into a real-life romance.

Let’s delve into the timeline of their friendship, the dating rumors, and the subsequent developments that unfolded.

Jacob Elordi and Joey King’s Love Story

Given the amount of time spent on set during filming, love impulses may surface. This also applied to King and Elordi’s appearance in the 2018 Netflix original movie The Kissing Booth. Based on the Wattpad self-published novella, King plays adolescent Elle who, although being off limits, has affections for Noah (Elordi).

When they finally get together, this forbidden love becomes even more alluring. Lee (Joel Courtney) is her best friend’s elder brother. Moreover, Elordi and King had a romantic relationship similar to that of their respective roles. It wasn’t quite love at first sight for King. She said to Seventeen that their friendship was what first sparked their relationship.

Did Joey King and Jacob Elordi date

Joel, him, and I went out to supper the night we met, and it was the most enjoyable evening ever. We had around six inside jokes by the conclusion of the supper. I was just best friends with Jacob the entire time we were filming because we were so close.

I suppose there was never a specific moment, but it seemed to me that the friendship developed organically as we realized how amazing this person truly is. We truly love spending time together and have a lot in common. Perhaps there is more to that.

The two dated from 2017 to 2018, at which point they appeared to sever all relations inexplicably.

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For lovers of the 2017 movie The Kissing Booth, there was good news: the actors worked together again on the two sequels. Elordi appeared to be getting along with his costar and ex-girlfriend again when he shared photos of them together on social media for the movie’s release. Both have persisted in concentrating on their equally remarkable professions.

Why did Jacob Elordi and Joey King Breakup?

The two spent around two years dating. And between the two, things appeared to be serious.

Although the exact moment when love between the two began to blossom was never confirmed, King told Seventeen magazine that she began to regard Elordi as more than just a friend about a month into the filming process.

Elle Evans, portrayed by Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn, is a high school student who falls in love with her best friend’s brother, a brash guy.

Did Joey King and Jacob Elordi date

Fans were thrilled to learn that the couple was real life lovers after seeing their amazing on-screen chemistry shown on Instagram.

Things took a bad turn at the start of 2019. When they stopped posting about each other on social media, fans began to speculate about their relationship.

Fans began to get concerned when two months went by without any updates from the couple, who had been sharing cozy pictures and relationship updates on a daily basis.

Elordi purportedly revealed via Instagram story on November 14, 2018, that he will be taking a vacation from social media.

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King tweeted, “Thank god I have my dog tho,” the next day. At the beginning of 2019, King and Elordi then removed every photo of their relationship from Instagram and stopped following one another.

There are rumors that Elordi’s casting as Nate on the popular HBO series Euphoria is what led to the breakup. It is believed that his busy schedule would have made it impossible for them to continue dating.

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