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Is Below Deck Captain Kerry Titheradge Dating Anyone?

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The world of reality television is no stranger to fans’ insatiable curiosity about the personal lives of their favorite stars. One such figure under the spotlight is Captain Kerry Titheradge from “Below Deck.” As the commanding force at sea, viewers find themselves not only enthralled by her leadership on deck but also intrigued by the mysteries of her romantic life.

In this article, we delve into the question: Is Captain Kerry Titheradge dating anyone? Let’s set sail on the seas of speculation and uncover the details.

Following Captain Lee’s departure from Below Deck, Captain Kerry Titheradge has joined Bravo season 11. In the first episode, Captain Kerry revealed that he is an Australian native with over 20 years of yachting expertise.

He approached the crew members and further explained:

“Do you want to know a little secret?” Being a captain includes driving the boat. “The crew is the hardest part.”
When it comes to Captain Kerry’s love life, it’s clear that he doesn’t mind discussing personal details. As of 2024, Captain Kerry is dating his girlfriend, Ghönül Bihan, a chief stew aboard Below Deck Adventure.

Deck Captain Kerry Titheradge’s Relationship Details

Before meeting his fiancée, the Below Deck Captain was married to Jennifer, with whom he has two children. They got divorced in 2020.

During the season 11 premiere on February 5, 2024, Captain Kerry discussed his divorce and personal troubles. He said:

“I was married, and then it ended. It was not excellent. I was operating a 300-foot boat. “I gave everything up for my children.”

Is Kerry Titheradge Dating

Captain Kerry admitted to his crew colleagues that his background had left him unsure of how to emotionally support his children. He continued:

“I was taught that the mother is there to provide emotional support, while the father provides financial support and discipline. And when that happened, I was able to be there for them emotionally as well.

The Below Deck Captain began painting houses, choosing a job that would allow him to “focus on himself” and improve.

“I went and got a job where I could concentrate on myself—put my earbuds in and listen to self-help material. I was present for my children every day, and I could improve myself.

Captain Kerry spoke with The Daily Dish on February 5, 2024, about his girlfriend Ghönül Bihan, whom he has been seeing for over a year. They both collaborated and reconnected when Captain Kerry split from his ex-wife. Speaking about how they met, he stated,

“She is from Turkey. We worked together many years ago. She was the main stew. She actually quit after a few months because she disliked the way I managed a boat. We reconnected a few years later, following my divorce. She has helped me become a better person. That’s quite special.”

He humorously stated: “I believe her vision and hearing are deteriorating. Because she still thinks I’m lovely and wants to be with [me].

On November 3, 2023, the Below Deck captain disclosed at BravoCon that, in addition to spending time with his family, he enjoys snowboarding, motorbiking, paragliding, and flying. Captain Kerry outlined his plans:

“First on my list is to video chat with my kids, Gönül, and, of course, our dog Benny! The next step is to practice Turkish and join self-development classes.

Aside from Captain Kerry, season 11 cast members include Ben Willoughby, Marie “Sunny” Marquis, Kyle Stillie, Chef Anthony Iracane, and Bosun Jared Woodin. Stews Cat Baugh, Xandi Olivier, and Barbie Pascual, along with Chief Stew Fraser Olender, have joined Below Deck.

Is Captain Kerry Gay? Sexual Partner

Captain Kerry Titheradge, the commander of Below Deck Season 11, has prompted debate and suspicion over his sexual orientation. Captain Kerry identifies as straight and is in a happy romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Ghönül Bihan.

The couple’s voyage began with their work on a boat, and after early difficulties that led to Ghönül’s resignation, they reconciled following Captain Kerry’s divorce.

Their partnership is distinguished by common interests in yachting, travel, and adventure.

Captain Kerry shows his love and devotion to Ghönül in poignant Instagram posts, referring to her as his “lovely lady,” “soulmate,” and “best friend.”

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Despite participating in light-hearted humor about homosexual culture, Captain Kerry has never hesitated to acknowledge his identity or relationship status.

His activism for LGBTQ+ inclusivity, as well as his focus on the value of happiness and kindness, demonstrate his steadfast dedication to authenticity and love.

Captain Kerry’s friendship with Ghönül exemplifies the transforming power of connection, inspiring audiences worldwide.

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