Who is Kenzie Ziegler dating now? A Look At Hayden Summerall and Kenzie Ziegler's Relationship

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Who is Kenzie Ziegler dating now? A Look At Hayden Summerall and Kenzie Ziegler’s Relationship


Even though they are only minors, YouTubers Hayden Summerall and Kenzie Ziegler (sister of Dance Moms alum Maddie Ziegler) may have dated in 2017. This caused some controversy.

Hayden had been dating singer and YouTuber Annie LeBlanc before Kenzie entered the scene, and the duo began suffering a great deal of online hatred as a result.

What’s the situation with the alleged cheating by Hayden Summerall and Kenzie Ziegler? Continue reading for a history of their apparent romance and to find out if Hayden and Annie ever reconciled.

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Hayden Summerall and Kenzie Ziegler’s Relationship Timeline

Although Hayden and Kenzie are just 14 and 15 years old, respectively, they share their lives on social media and YouTube, and their devoted followers take their decisions quite seriously. Due to their shared interest in music and vlogging, the pair quickly became friends.

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Hayden was dating musical.ly singer Annie LeBlanc in 2017 when a Snapchat video of him seemingly declaring his love for Kenzie emerged.

The video went viral, with fan groups accusing Hayden of disloyalty to Annie. Kenzie subsequently verified that the video was taken out of context and that Hayden was actually declaring his love for one of their friends.

Kenzie also joked on Snapchat in 2017 that she was dating Hayden, but the allegations were only an attempt to attract attention to her account. They repeatedly said that they were only pals.

Details on the Hayden Summerall and Kenzie Ziegler Cheating Allegations

In April of 2018, the suspicions reappeared after a video showed Hayden kissing Kenzie at his 13th birthday celebration leaked. The footage was shaky, and the couple never acknowledged their relationship.

Annie and Hayden have ended their relationship, and he is no longer seeing Kenzie. The YouTuber’s infidelity story was tremendous, and the three YouTubers are still buddies.

Who is Kenzie Ziegler dating now?

Those expecting a reunion between Annie and Hayden or Hayden and Kenzie will be disappointed to learn that the three are now in different relationships. Annie is in a relationship with actor Asher Angel; the two met after Annie participated in one of Asher’s music videos.

Hayden is dating Bella Faith, a 17-year-old Instagram influencer with a thriving YouTube channel. The duo frequently publishes images of themselves together on their individual social media profiles.

Isaak Presley, who portrays Bobby “Popko” on the Netflix original series Fuller House, has also moved on with Kenzie. Jackson Fuller’s best buddy is Popko, the son of DJ Fuller (nee Tanner). He is a rebel who dates Ramona Gibbler and has made occasional appearances during the length of the program.

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It appears that the previous turmoil between Annie, Hayden, and Kenzie has not prevented them from moving on. However, we will closely monitor any fan-made films that may indicate otherwise.

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