Are Emma Slater and Mauricio Umansky Dating

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Are Emma Slater and Mauricio Umansky Dating From the DWTS Show?

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The world of celebrity gossip and romance is a never-ending source of speculation and intrigue for fans. One recent rumored romance that has caught the attention of many is the potential relationship between Emma Slater, a professional dancer known for her appearances on “Dancing with the Stars,” and Mauricio Umansky, a successful real estate mogul.

While rumors about celebrity relationships are nothing new, they often leave fans wondering about the truth behind the headlines. In this article, we’ll delve into the details and explore whether there is any truth to the rumors about Emma Slater and Mauricio Umansky dating.

Are Emma Slater and Mauricio Umansky Dating?

When they’re not on the dance floor, all signs point to Emma and Mauricio taking their relationship to the next level! On October 22, 2023, they were seen holding hands outside Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills, California, sparking speculation of a romance.

Despite their 19-year age gap, Emma and Mauricio appeared to be on a date night and “exchanged kisses while seated at the bar inside,” according to a Page Six eyewitness. After three hours inside, they departed the restaurant holding hands.

Are Emma Slater and Mauricio Umansky Dating

The appearance coincided with Emma and Mauricio’s collaboration on season 32 of Dancing With the Stars, which was revealed on September 13, 2023. Emma and Mauricio took the ballroom two days after their PDA-filled night out and performed a gorgeous contemporary dance. Everyone in the room could see the spark between them.

“That was beautiful,” said judge Carrie Ann Inaba. “When you pretend to be contemporary, we sense it, and it makes my skin crawl.” That wasn’t even close to making my skin crawl. Something lovely is happening between you two. Thank you for allowing us to be witnesses.”

Did Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards Split?

Mauricio was in the news two months before he was confirmed as a DWTS cast member owing to speculations of marital strife with Kyle Richards. However, the couple has argued that they are not actually divorced.

Mauricio and Kyle had been married for over 25 years when it was announced that they would divorce in July 2023. At the time, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars denied rumors of a divorce while admitting that their marriage was in trouble.

Are Emma Slater and Mauricio Umansky Dating

“Any claims that we are divorcing are false,” they said in a joint statement. “However, we have had a difficult year.” The most difficult one in our marriage. But we both adore and esteem one other enormously. There has been no impropriety on the side of anyone.”

Alexia, Sophia, and Portia are Kyle and Mauricio’s three daughters. Kyle’s oldest daughter, Farrah Aldjufrie, is also his stepdaughter. Despite their “rough” moments, the two have remained amicable and have continued to spend time together with their families. Kyle was present in the ballroom to cheer on Mauricio at the DWTS launch on September 26, 2023.

“We’re not ready to throw in the towel yet,” Mauricio said in early October 2023 to TMZ. “We’re doing our best to deal with it.” It’s especially challenging when everyone has an opinion.”

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Mauricio was becoming closer to Emma at this point, but he was still thinking about Kyle and had even dedicated his October 24 dance to her. “Tonight’s dance is about life and how it’s not always perfect and when you think it’s impossible to move mountains and you’re at your lowest moment and you think all doors are closed you need to rise up and rise unafraid and move mountains,” he said.

“It was 1996 when Kyle and I married and Alexia was born.” Farrah and Alexia were there. I was 26 years old when I was sacked from my job and went bankrupt. Kyle was my rock, and we rose up 1000 times and moved mountains together. It’s been an amazing journey. Tonight’s dance is in honor of Kyle and my family.”

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