Are Shea and Taylor Still Together

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Are Shea and Taylor Still Together From Surviving Paradise?

Mai K. Sosa

The reality TV show “Surviving Paradise” took audiences on a rollercoaster of emotions, showcasing the challenges and triumphs of couples navigating the complexities of an idyllic island setting.

Among the couples that captured viewers’ hearts were Taylor and Shea, whose connection seemed to blossom amidst the tropical paradise. Now, fans are eager to know: are Taylor and Shea still together after the cameras stopped rolling?

Are Shea and Taylor Still Together?

All of the cast members were required to divide into pairs at that point, and Taylor and Shea undoubtedly paired up without realizing they would have to send one of them back to camp right before finals.

The former gave herself up this time and was willing to fight for it, but her partner didn’t even question or challenge her choice, which left her feeling unsatisfied. They therefore had a tumultuous parting, particularly after she was eliminated, but everything was resolved by his heartfelt apology after she expressed her rage during the finals.

Are Shea and Taylor Still Together

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Taylor and Shea get along well even now, as seen by their frequent interactions on social media through likes and comments. It’s unclear, though, if their romance is still going strong because neither the influencer nor the private jet broker have publicly acknowledged or disputed their relationship.

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“Unclear” because this episode was taped in the summer of 2022, and this amazing couple hasn’t really been spotted in the same location since. Despite this, we may still hold out hope because their bond was as genuine as it could be.

What is Shea and Taylor Doing Now?

Taylor is a sought-after influencer and model, and Shea is a successful businesswoman who has recovered from an automobile accident to engage in greater physical exercise.

Are Shea and Taylor Still Together?

Taylor is currently a famous influencer and has gained over 30,000 followers on the network since her appearance on Surviving Paradise. She models for a retro website and has been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The accomplished model appears to be single and enjoying success in her work. Shea underwent spinal fusion surgery in 2021, but since then, he has resumed his career as a private jet trader.

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Even though it is not clear whether Taylor and Shea are together after Surviving Paradise, they are still doing well. Even if their relationship was as dull as the show, they are doing fine now that the filming is over.

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