Are Molly and Kelly still together

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Are Molly and Kelly Still Together From 90 Day: The Last Resort?

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Is Molly Hopkins still dating Kelly Brown? Molly first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé in July 2017, when she married Dominican Republic native Luis Mendez.

Molly returned to the franchise after her divorce in 2018 to capture her journey back into the dating scene on 90 Day: The Single Life, where she met Kelly, a handsome New York Police Department detective.

Fans began to wonder about their current relationship status when they reappeared for 90 Day Fiancé: The Last Resort.

Are Molly and Kelly Still Together?

Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown of 90 Day: The Last Resort may not be together by the conclusion of the season as they continue to reconcile through couple’s therapy.

TLC followers may have also observed that the couple spent their 2022 vacations apart. Molly celebrated with her girls, while Kelly celebrated with his own family.

In February 2023, a representative for the business owner confirmed in a statement to In Touch that the pair had divorced in November 2022.

“Close to Thanksgiving 2022, Molly decided it was best for her to end her relationship with Kelly due to unhealthy stressors, challenges, and odd aggressive behavior,” Molly’s manager, Dominique Enchinton, owner of Dominion Talent House, told In Touch exclusively.

“Many of these concerns were becoming more visible and frequent, both privately and in public.” These worries arose shortly after Kelly’s retirement and relocated to Georgia to be closer to Molly.”

Kelly fuelled more suspicions about his breakup with the TLC celebrity after publishing an email from Molly’s daughter Olivia on November 14, 2022.

Are Molly and Kelly still together

“This is what I had to deal with when I moved to Georgia,” he captioned an Instagram Stories screenshot of an email message on February 2, 2023. “But they will paint an innocent picture.”

In the screenshot, Olivia defended herself as a “spoiled person,” adding she’ll be “more successful” than he ever will, and she closed with a racial slur.

Kelly apparently verified his split from Molly via a text message exchange with Molly’s buddy, in which he claimed acknowledged getting into a violent altercation with Olivia.

“Molly and I are here. Livie was choked and smashed by me. I’m out. According to a snapshot acquired exclusively by In Touch, Kelly allegedly said, “Keep in touch.”

In an exclusive statement to In Touch, Kelly categorically denied the altercation. “I never punched or threatened her with anything.” “I really want to be alone,” Kelly stated. “I never bother them or visit their town.” I don’t want to be associated with them. It’s finished; I haven’t seen them since November.”

Molly and Kelly’s 90 Day Journey

Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown were introduced to fans early in the first season of ’90 Day: The Single Life’ and explained how the Brooklyn-based police officer contacted her via Instagram after following her on ’90 Day Fiancé.’

Molly’s run on the main show was originally successful, and she even married her Dominican Republic-born fiancé Luis Mendez. However, their marriage ended in divorce after around six months due to their relationship being split “with no hope of reconciliation.”

Are Molly and Kelly still together

As a result, Molly found herself unmarried once more. When Kelly contacted her, the two learned they shared similar interests. Molly didn’t want to waste any time and flew to Brooklyn to meet the man who had piqued her interest. They started dating and were overjoyed to have discovered each other. Kelly also went to Molly’s hometown of Woodstock, Georgia, where he met several of her relatives.

Unlike Molly’s ex-husband, Kelly quickly made friends with Molly’s daughters, who liked their mother’s new lover. Trouble quickly arose in their relationship, however, when Molly’s old trust issues and concerns returned.

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She’d been through a lot with her ex-husband and had dealt with a lot of trauma from her past. Those past concerns returned to haunt her when she learned about Kelly’s ex-girlfriend and discovered she had a child.

Although Molly was first concerned that Kelly was the child’s father, she was quickly comforted by her boyfriend, who promised to treat her better than her ex. Kelly even admitted that he was not the father of the child, but he expressed a wish to have children with Molly. Molly, on the other hand, conveyed to him that she was not looking forward to having children, and the couple appeared to strike an agreement.

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