Are Izzy and Stacy Still Together

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Are Izzy and Stacy Still Together From Love is Blind Season 5

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Love stories have a unique way of captivating our hearts, and when it comes to the love story of Izzy and Stacy, it’s no different. The hit reality TV show “Love Is Blind” has captivated audiences around the world, and with each new season, viewers are introduced to a fresh set of singles willing to put their love lives to the test.

Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder were one of five couples in Season 5 of Love Is Blind, which debuted on Netflix in September 2023. As season 5 concluded on October 13, 2023, let’s take a closer look at whether Izzy and Stacy are still together and the journey that has brought them to this point.

Who Are Izzy and Stacy from Love Is Blind Season 5?

Before discussing Izzy and Stacy’s relationship status, let’s first shed light on their life in short. Izzy Zapata, 31, is a sales agent from the Houston area. @izzyzapata_ is his Instagram handle. “Tune in on Friday, September 22 to follow me on my journey to finding love in the Pods on Season 5 of Love is Blind! @loveisblindnetflix @netflix,” he captioned an Instagram post announcing he was on Love Is Blind Season 5 in September 2023.

Are Izzy and Stacy Still Together

Who is Stacy from Season 5 of Love Is Blind? Stacy Snyder, 34, is a director of operations from Houston, Texas. @stacyrenae926 is her Instagram handle. “I’m so excited to finally share that I’m part of the Season 5 cast of Love Is Blind! Follow me on my journey for love beginning September 22, only on @netflix,” she captioned an Instagram photo in September 2023 announcing her appearance on Love Is Blind Season 5.

Are Izzy and Stacy Still Together?

The answer seems to be No. On Love Is Blind Season 5, Stacy Renae Snyder and Ismael “Izzy” Zapata Jr. met and became engaged in The Pods. Along with JP and Taylor and Lydia and Milton, Izzy and Stacy were one of three couples who got engaged on Love Is Blind Season 5.

According to public records from the Harris County Clerk’s Office in Texas, where Love Is Blind Season 5 was filmed, Izzy and Stacy were one of two couples from Love Is Blind Season 5 that were awarded marriage licenses, along with Lydia and Milton.

Are Izzy and Stacy Still Together

Izzy and Stacy’s marriage license was issued on May 20, 2023, and their marriage license was processed on August 29, 2022, according to the records. However, according to the documents, their marriage license was not returned, and they are not legally married, implying that they likely split up before saying “I do.” Izzy and Stacy were still following each other on Instagram at the time of Love Is Blind Season 5’s premiere.

When TMZ published a photo of Izzy with a lady who wasn’t Stacy in October 2023, it appeared to indicate that he and Stacy were no longer together.

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According to TMZ, Izzy and the woman were observed on a date at Hermosa Ink Collective in Hermosa Beach, California, with Izzy laying his hand on the woman’s knee. On the same day, Izzy posts a series of photos of himself enjoying drinks and eating pizza in Hermosa Beach, where he appears to have left the woman out.

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