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Are Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel Dating? Unraveling the Most Controversial Love Triangle of BB 17!

Mai K. Sosa

Reality television shows have a knack for generating intrigue, especially when it comes to the personal lives of their contestants. “Big Boss” is no exception, with its mix of drama, competition, and interpersonal dynamics often leading to speculation about budding romances.

Bigg Boss 17 has featured a contentious love triangle. Isha Malviya was caught off guard when her ex-lover Abhishek Kumar and her new boyfriend Samarth Jurel became trapped inside the house together. For Isha, the boys were at odds, and she was going through her own complicated phases with both of her relationships inside the house.

In this article, we will explore everything that has occurred inside the house between the three of them and determine if there is any truth to these speculations.

What Happened Exactly?

Isha was presented as Abhishek’s ex-lover when she entered the Bigg Boss 17 house, and their first interactions were nothing short of explosive. They fought on stage in front of the presenter, Salman Khan, as well as in the house.

However, things took an unexpected turn just as swiftly as the flames flew. Isha and Abhishek appeared to be mending fences, acting as if they had never been apart, but they also frequently got into furious disagreements. Salman Khan even warned Isha not to play with Abhishek’s emotions.

Are Samarth and Isha Dating

Then came the plot twist: Isha’s present boyfriend, Samarth Jurel, auditioned for the show as a wild card contestant. To Samarth’s amazement, this news initially left Isha in disbelief.

After many arguments and emotional ups and downs, Isha finally revealed the truth, disclosing that she was in a relationship with Samarth. Abhishek gently exited the scene, demonstrating tremendous maturity, while Samarth forgave Isha for her earlier deceptive behavior.

Are Samarth and Isha Dating?

During a recent conversation between Abhishek Kumar and Ankita, an unexpected twist occurred. The revelation came from none other than Samarth Jurel, and it shocked both the house and the audience.

Are Samarth and Isha Dating

Everything started when Samarth chose to reveal an important truth regarding his friendship with another contender Isha Malviya. Samarth spilled a bombshell during their honest conversation: he has been seeing Isha for a year. This revelation stunned Abhishek Kumar, who had previously shared a romantic relationship with Isha.

The timing of Isha’s relationship with Samarth was the most unexpected aspect of this disclosure. Abhishek had broken up with Isha only three months before her relationship with Samarth. This revelation added another degree of complication to the love triangle, which had already been the subject of intense scrutiny both within and outside the Bigg Boss house.

​Abhishek and Samarth Discuss About Isha

After a quarrel with Isha, Abhishek went to console Samarth and they frankly chatted about their love. Samarth confessed, “Maine isko nahin pataya. Isne mujhe pataya”.

Abhishek continued, “I understood this on June 26, when our break up was of one year. I had called her just like that and it rang. I was blocked previously. Then she called me to inquire how I was and I questioned her about her boyfriend. She reacted shockingly. I questioned her deliberately ‘Woh gande aankhon wala’ and Isha was like I don’t know your name and know how you look. She reacted saying yes. After that, I cried for 5-6 hours. Then she called me on my birthday to wish me well. Don’t fight with her on this.”

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When Abhishek stated, “I don’t why people fall for her so easily.” He further asked Samarth, “Are you serious about Isha?” Samarth answered, “No, not at all.” He also explained how Isha keeps lying, “I have understood her enough. She would tell me that she would not give her 100%. We would do great distance. 7 pm I would pack up and 9.30 I would reach Chandigarh. This was every week. Mere time me full loyal thi but jhooth bahut bolti hai. Proof bhi do toh muh pe jhooth bolegi.”

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